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Obtain information in Spain

Obtain Information in Spain

There are sometimes occasions where it can be very useful to obtain information in Spain for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have been involved in a car accident and need to trace the owner of the car that crashed into you or perhaps you need to trace a debtor in Spain with a tracing agent to obtain their current address in Spain and access whether they have assets such as a property that is owned by the subject.

Find UK People® have expert document agents based in Spain who can obtain information for these circumstances. Our specialists are documentary analysts, they will request and analyze the commercial public documentation that can help companies and individuals to obtain information and make the right decisions. Our analysts have more than twenty years providing decision support and risk management services in Spain.

When obtaining information in Spain there can be a language barrier and with our expert solution, this will not be an issue. All of our team will discuss your case in English and our Country analysts are based in Spain. This can be very useful where you have been involved in a car issue which is stressful and engaging with the Traffic office / Dirección de general de tráfico in Spain can be prohibitive due to language issues

Information Available from Spain


  • Corporate information Summary of the inscriptions published by the Mercantile Registry (CIF, year of foundation, board current and former, address, capital, activity, know if it has annual accounts presented).


  • Commercial Registry Certificate Literal copy of all the inscriptions. Founders are registered and all changes of partners, administrators, activity, address, account registration.


  •  List of businesses current and historic, linked in Spain with a board or an individual and dates of the board changes.


  • Annual accounts For any registered company in Spain.


  • Property search This will include ownership information.


  • Ownership of a vehicle  Official document about the ownership of a vehicle through its license plate number or chassis number.


  • Financial information in relation to debts published on the Official Journals.


If you need any document or information in Spain call the Find UK People® Spanish investigations team and state the information required and we can quote our fees for the service.

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