Tracing Agents, Explained.

Tracing Agents, Explained


Each year hundreds of thousands of people move addresses (an estimated 370,300) and a percentage will not inform creditors and other people or organizations of their new addresses. As such this creates a need for tracing agents who specialize in locating current address data for people and their addresses.

Effective tracing of people is a blend of leveraging extensive specialist data including but not limited to Credit Agency data, specialist tracing software, and open-source investigative techniques.

Tracing agents or enquiry agents can locate a current address for a person In the UK in a matter of hours but there is a requirement for an agent to have access to non-public access data sets such as Credit Agency data sets – For example Experian or Equifax.

This credit agency data is the foundation for most traces as it will provide an accurate up-to-date address validated by recent credit activity at the new address, to note these days this activity is not just limited to credit activity but a broader spectrum of activity data at the address.

Once this link is obtained it will need to be validated by further supporting data to make the trace valid and reliable, all tracing agents should use this method of double validation at minimum to provide a robust tracing service but the further data utilized the more reliable this tracing provision becomes.



Tracing agents – What are they?

Tracing agents are specialist investigators who specialize in locating and finding current address data for people. This can be for a variety of reasons including but not limited to debtor skip tracing, tracing a beneficiary for probate, tracing long-lost friends or family members, or tracing a witness for a legal matter.

Tracing agents usually rely on various data sets including Credit Agency data sets to obtain links from the old to a new address for the subject being tracked.

The trace will become more reliable when further data sets are used to confirm the original findings and the supporting data is with recent data sets within the last few weeks, obviously, the more recent the data the more accurate the trace becomes.

Tracing agents can be specialist private investigators or increasingly technology-led data companies who specialize in obtaining data from various live data sets and producing a result based on indication sources.



What requirements are there to be a tracing agent?

All tracing agents in the UK must be registered with the ICO for data protection but in the UK currently, that is it. Best practice dictates that it would be wise to choose a trace agent who has professional indemnity insurance to the value of over £250,000 to cover any consequential loss.

Also, it would be wise to make sure the tracing agent has verified reviews which are over at least 100 testimonials to demonstrate a trusted and reliable nature. It is also wise to make sure the agent has a clear pricing structure that is paid at the time of purchase rather than relying on an invoice that is generated at the end of the search with no clear price agreed.

In the UK there are many tracing agencies that will have hidden fees in their terms of service with some even charging to not find an individual!!



What is the best Tracing Agent?

Well, we are biased but we believe that Find UK People offer an amazing service that is reliable and trustworthy. The service is always no trace no fee for all people tracing services and the fees charged are transparent and of good value.

All services are provided in a matter of days, not the people tracing industry-standard of weeks or months.

The added benefit with the Find UK People service is it is a digital-first service that means all fees are paid in advance via an online merchant such as PayPal which means your payment is also backed and guaranteed by a third party such as PayPal giving you peace of mind that your payment is safe.

Find UK People also have an online tracking system for all orders placed which means that you can log in at any time and track your order status and manage your invoices, payments, and customer records.



How much does it cost to trace someone?

A person’s trace can cost from just £45 for a basic trace where the subject of the trace has only recently moved from the last known address, to upwards of £350 for a limited information trace of a long-lost family member.

The price is normally dictated by how difficult the trace is going to be and most tracing agents will charge based on this by asking relevant questions of the person to be traced and what information you have about the person to be traced.

The more information that you can provide on the person to be traced can be very useful for the tracing agent and will on some occasions allow for a less expensive tracing service provision.




Tracing people, No trace no fee.

All tracing agents should trace people on a no trace no fee basis unless their fee is so low that they have built the no trace no fee into the low price being offered. As an example of this, if the standard price to trace a debtor is £45 on a no trace no fee basis but another trace agent charges £19.99 but on a fee per case basis then it is clearly built into the pricing being offered.

Always be cautious over any tracing service that does not show a clear price without hidden fees. Always check the tracing agent’s terms of service and especially pay attention to any hidden fees.

Find UK People always offer people tracing services on a no trace no fee basis with clear agreed pricing for all services. There is never any doubt about how much you will be charged for any service and indeed you will only pay for a successful result.



How can I trace someone?

Tracing someone in the UK has become a transaction based on the internet over the last decade. All you need to do is go to a tracing agent service such as Find UK People and place a short e-commerce order with the details of the person you wish to locate and find a current address for.

Then over the next 24 – 48 hours, the company will email you the results which will include the current address of the person you are looking for. Easy as that!

If you need to locate someone in the UK or even further afield then Find UK People are the number one choice.





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