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Claimant Profiling Service

Introducing our comprehensive and compliant Claimant Profiling Service, designed to meet all applicable regulations and legislation in the UK, including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our Claimant Profiling Service offers valuable insights for a variety of purposes, including employment vetting, post-employment analysis, insurance claims assessment, injury or loss claims evaluation, and settlement claim investigations.

How It Works:

Our advanced Claimant Profiling Service provides in-depth background and lifestyle reports on individuals and commercial entities through intelligence gathering and deep web mining techniques.

Our team of expert analysts employs Data Protection Act (DPA) compliant data sources, such as specialist datasets and open-source intelligence gathering, to acquire relevant information. These techniques uncover hidden information that subjects may have overlooked or are unaware of, as this information is not typically available through standard search engines like Google.

Claimant Profile Features*

  • Detailed analysis of the subject
  • Comprehensive current residency information
  • Thorough financial history assessment
  • Asset identification
  • Social networking screening
  • Background and lifestyle evaluation
Please note that report features may vary, and we cannot guarantee the inclusion of every feature. Each report is limited to three property ownership searches in England and Wales, subject to our terms of service and fees. Our inquiries strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act and utilize various sources, including telephone interviews, databases, and discreet investigations. We comply with UK data protection regulations and do not provide bank account details, National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources. Rest assured that subjects are unaware of our inquiries as we prioritize privacy. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to our terms of service.

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