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Find UK People® - Tracing Agents who find people in the UK

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At Find UK People®, we are firmly committed to ensuring ongoing compliance and improvement, perpetually engaging in a rigorous review of our operations. This is done to guarantee that our subsidiaries and affiliated partners are adhering strictly to ethical principles and are delivering high-quality services that meet the expectations of our clientele.

The commitment to treating customers with equity and fairness has always been a defining characteristic of the FinTech industry, and it is with this ethos that operates, placing the customer’s interests at the heart of our business operations.

We, at Find UK People®, adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and uphold a strong ethical code, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the industry with regard to compliance and best practice issues. We take immense pride in maintaining these high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct across all facets of our operations.

Furthermore, our organisation, alongside our approved data partners, operates strictly in accordance with the provisions set out in the CSA Code of Practice

This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to integrity and ethical business conduct.

Company Information

Find UK People® is owned and operated by Pavilion Digital Marketing Ltd a company registered in England with the Company number of 09418751, having its registered office at:

303 Goring Road, Goring-By-Sea, Worthing, England, BN12 4NX

Registered for VAT with number 252702231

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office, registration number ZA193733 View ICO Entry

256-bit SSL Protection

Find UK People® employs a unique, secure order system, positioning it as a standout provider within the tracing and investigation solutions sector that offers robust data protection from the initial browser interaction to the final delivery of data in the user’s inbox. Through our system, safeguarded by multiple layers of security, we provide assurance that your data is managed and transferred via the most secure methods, in accordance with military-grade standards.

All data submitted via the Find UK People® order system is securely transmitted from Pavilion Digital Marketing Ltd to our approved digital partners utilizing 256Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted databases. The 256-bit encryption signifies the length of the encryption key applied to secure a data stream or file. An unauthorized entity would require an astronomical number of 2^256 different combinations to decrypt a 256-bit encrypted message, rendering it virtually unbreakable.

In general, 256-bit encryption is implemented for data in transit, i.e., data traversing a network or internet connection. However, it also provides security for sensitive data types such as financial, military, or government-owned data. Notably, both the U.S. and UK governments mandate that all such sensitive data should be secured using 192- or 256-bit encryption methods. This standard is typically not met when instructing a company via email or excel data submission. This is where Find UK People® steps in, offering the appropriate level of security for any tracing or investigative instruction.

Our secure online order system uses SSL, the industry standard for transmitting sensitive information via an internet browser. SSL is responsible for securing the data of millions of internet users, particularly during online transactions or when confidential information is transmitted. Internet users are accustomed to associating their online security with the lock icon that accompanies an SSL-secured website, or the green address bar that indicates an extended validation SSL-secured website. SSL-secured websites also utilize HTTPS instead of HTTP.

SSL is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a server and a client—usually a web server (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (such as Outlook).

SSL technology safeguards sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials, ensuring secure transmission. With Findukpeople introducing this security technology to the tracing and investigations industry, your data’s security is always guaranteed. Without such measures, data sent between browsers and web servers is often transmitted in plain text, making you susceptible to eavesdropping. In the event of an attacker intercepting all data transmitted between a browser and a web server, they could view and exploit that information.

In essence, SSL is a security protocol, which delineates how algorithms should be used; in this case, the SSL protocol establishes the parameters of the encryption for both the link and the transmitted data.

Data Encryption Levels

At Find UK People®, we uphold a strong commitment to data security not just during transmission, but also while storing sensitive information in our online databases. To bolster security measures, we implement rigorous data encryption.

The safety of our customers’ payment information is paramount at Find UK People®. All confidential information is consistently transmitted over a secure HTTPS channel. Additionally, our payment systems maintain a PCI DSS validated Level 1 status, a universally recognized gold standard in the realm of e-commerce solutions. All transactional data, including credit card information, is securely transmitted using the stringent HTTPS protocols employed by major global banking institutions.

Password Protected Systems

At Find UK People®, we maintain a robust security framework to ensure the protection of our data systems and our clients’ confidential information. Central to this framework is our selective access policy, wherein only authorized personnel from our company and our approved data partners are granted access to our data systems. This critical control mechanism is instrumental in safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data under our stewardship.

Our selective access policy involves stringent password-protected access controls to limit access to our data systems. Such systems are implemented as part of our broader cybersecurity strategy to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data from potential security breaches.

These password protection mechanisms are designed following industry best practices. They entail not only the creation of strong and unique passwords, but also regular updates and changes to these passwords to further enhance the security of our data systems. This practice is coupled with multifactor authentication where applicable, providing an added layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Moreover, the selection of authorized personnel who are granted access is a well-considered process. This includes company staff and personnel from our approved data partners who are required to undergo rigorous security training and demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities in maintaining the security of the data they handle.

In essence, our selective access policy helps establish a secure operational environment, reduces the risk of internal and external data breaches, and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to data security. By restricting access to our data systems to only authorized personnel, Find UK People® reaffirms its commitment to preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and security of client data at all times.

Further Compliance Information