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Find UK People® - Tracing Agents who find people in the UK

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Phone number search

Find UK People® are a U.K. leading phone tracing company who have significantly invested in its phone number tracing service.

The phone number tracing service is locating most of telephone number details within 7 days. This telephone number trace service will obtain a current telephone number for the person being searched.

Do you need a fast phone number search? Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient, and compliant means to trace nationwide telephone numbers either mobile or landline you need to reconnect with. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation partners can access links derived from multiple databases.

Why people choose us

No trace, no fee

If we don’t find your subject you don’t pay a penny.

60 day guarantee

Check your results Free of Charge for up to 60 days.

Fast 7 day service

Results in 7 days, in most circumstances.

Reliable results

Results that are accurate and can be relied upon.

Backed up by no trace no fee

All of our telephone tracing services are offered on a no trace no fee basis, just place your initial order with us and we will investigate.

Our service guarantees to provide you with the current contact telephone number of the individual in question. This information is thoroughly verified using two separate, credible sources of UK data, ensuring the phone number you receive is accurate and up-to-date at the time of generating the report.

To underscore our commitment to the accuracy of the information we provide, we offer a 60-day underwriting on the phone tracing data. If, within this period, you suspect that the provided information may be erroneous, we commit to reassessing the case. This ensures that you can be confident in the reliability of the information we provide.

As specialists in phone number search services, we excel in delivering effective, cost-efficient solutions for phone number tracing. Our expertise in this domain allows us to locate the owner’s address using a mobile number, providing an extra layer of data that may be crucial for your requirements. Rest assured, our commitment to quality and thoroughness makes us a reliable partner for your phone number tracing needs.

Find UK People is your trusted tracing agent in the United Kingdom. We specialize in tracing people’s phone numbers across the UK. If you need to locate someones current phone number, our advanced tracing techniques, combined with access to various data sources, can assist in finding their current contact information.


How It Works: Tracing Phone Numbers

At Find UK People we understand the challenges of finding individuals phone numbers. Our tracing process involves utilizing a combination of data sources and advanced techniques to track down and reconnect with someones desired phone number.


The Tracing Process

Our skilled team of tracing experts begins by collecting the relevant information provided by our clients, including the old phone numbers, any associated details, and the purpose of the search. We employ a comprehensive approach to tracing phone numbers effectively.

Using advanced search algorithms and specialized tools, we access databases that include information from various sources, including telecom providers, public directories, online platforms, and other reliable data sources. We cross-reference the provided details with these databases, analyzing phone records, public listings, social media profiles, and other pertinent information to identify potential leads.

Our thorough investigation helps us determine the most likely current contact information of the person and their current phone number, enabling successful reconnection.


Data Privacy and Compliance

At Find UK People, we prioritize data privacy and comply with all applicable regulations. We handle personal information securely and ensure that all tracing activities align with legal requirements. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the tracing process.


Successful Tracing Results

With our extensive experience and access to various data sources, we have a proven track record of successfully tracing and locating individuals and their phone numbers. Our services have assisted numerous clients in reconnecting with lost contacts, finding missing persons, or conducting legal and investigative processes effectively.


Let’s Start

Find UK People is your reliable partner when it comes to tracing people’s phone numbers in the United Kingdom. Through our advanced telephone tracing techniques and access to diverse phone data sources, we can efficiently track down individuals and their current phone numbers. Contact us today to benefit from our reliable and effective phone number tracing services, ensuring successful reconnection with the person and their desired phone number.

​To trace the owners address from a mobile number.

Frequently asked questions

Is phone number tracing no trace no fee?

✅  Peace of mind!

All of our phone number tracing services are no trace no fee so if we don’t find the person’s correct phone number you won’t pay a penny.

What information do I need to complete a trace?

ℹ️  We don’t need much!

All you need is the persons name and either their old address or date of birth.

How long does the trace take?

💨  7 days fast!

Normally just 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.

How does Find UK People obtain peoples phone numbers?

💻  Online research experts!

Find UK People’s phone number trace service operates within the legal framework and data protection laws of the UK. This service helps you find the current (live and switched on) phone number associated with a named individual in the UK. The process involves using consented and publicly available data sources to obtain phone numbers.

Here’s a brief overview of how this process typically works:


  1. Consented Data: One of the primary sources of data for this service is consented data. These are datasets to which individuals have given their consent to be included. This might include instances where individuals have agreed for their details to be shared with third parties when signing up for services or goods.
  2. Publicly Available Data: Publicly available data such as the electoral roll or other public records can also be used. These are records that are available to the public and can legally be accessed to find someone’s phone number.
  3. Telecommunications Data: Sometimes, telecommunications providers might share data under specific conditions and agreements. This data can include phone numbers associated with specific individuals.
  4. Other Proprietary Databases: Find UK People also have access to other proprietary databases that contain legally obtained and consented phone number data.


Once you provide the name of the individual you’re looking for, the system cross-references that name across these datasets. If a match is found and the data is up-to-date, the service will provide the current phone number associated with that name.

It’s important to note that the service operates within the bounds of UK data protection laws. The data provided by this service is already publicly available or has been consented to for such use by the owners. Misuse of the obtained data could lead to legal consequences. The service aims to respect individual privacy and data rights at all times, and it should be used responsibly.

When is it permitted to obtain someones phone number?

✅  Legitimate Basis & GDPR

Find UK People’s phone number trace service is used by people for a variety of purposes, with the key principle being that the use is lawful, ethical, and respects individual privacy.

Below are some permitted uses – subject to basis of search

  1. Debt Recovery: Businesses or individuals attempting to recover debt may use the service to locate individuals who have moved and failed to provide new contact details.
  2. Legal Purposes: Solicitors, private investigators, or law enforcement might use these services for legal processes. For instance, the service could be used to locate witnesses, defendants, or other parties in a legal case.
  3. Business Verification: Businesses may use this service to verify the contact details of other businesses, partners, or customers – where permitted.
  4. Property Management: Landlords and property managers might use this service to locate tenants who have moved out and left debts or damage.

While these are permitted uses, it’s crucial to remember that any use of this service must comply with all relevant laws, including GDPR, data protection and privacy laws. It’s illegal to use this service for harassment, stalking, or any other form of illegal activity. Misuse of the obtained data could lead to serious legal consequences. The service is designed to respect individual privacy and data rights at all times, and it should be used responsibly.

Is the information guaranteed?

✅  Peace of mind!

All of our supplied information is guaranteed for 60 days and we will recheck it free of any charge during this period if you need some further validation.

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