• Private Investigator Service

    Private investigation services

We have significantly invested in our private investigation team and supporting investigative technology

This accelerates the private investigator success rates we achieve on our assigned investigation cases.

  • Leading private investigation team
  • Expert private investigators
  • Result available in 7 days
  • Cost effective investigations

Findukpeople provides a rapid, efficient and compliant means to investigate & detect cases nationwide. Accessible online, the private investigation agency offers an easy-to-use interface. Our private investigators and private detective enquiry partners can access address links derived from investigation agency databases and credit activity information as well as many other open source investigative data sets to help in our field based private investigator enquiries.

Findukpeople will yield high success rates when assigned an investigation and our current private investigator success rate is 96%

All of our private investigation services are offered on a pre-agreed fee per case basis, just place your initial private investigator order with us and we will investigate the enquiry with our expert private investigation team.

We normally request you call our private investigation team to discuss your investigation requirement and then we will provide an estimate of time required to start and conclude our investigation into your case. This will need to be requested and paid online before we commence our investigation and our private investigation team can be contacted on +44 (0) 1273 252539.

Our investigation services:

  • Corporate investigations​​
  • Digital fraud
  • Fraud investigation
  • Locating who is behind a fraud
  • Serving documents
  • Background checks
  • Surveillance
  • People tracing and tracking
  • Private investigation

If you have any questions call us on 01273 252539

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