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In-depth people tracing investigations
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Investigation service

Specialist tracing investigations or in-depth research

Investigation Time Service Use No Trace No Fee
15 hours Tracing of a person involved in fraud case or highly evasive subjects that must be found 30 days
10 hours Tracing of a person with limited information
i.e no old address or full name
30 days
05 hours Standard people tracing case with name & old address supplied 30 days
Worldwide Search UK & Worldwide - this option must be selected for last known address which is non UK or the subject is suspected to not be in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

90 days
UK Searches only the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Any other search area must select the Worldwide search option.

30 days

Choose a Timescale

Are you in need of a service to investigate complex scenarios or locate specific individuals? Our In-Depth People Trace Service is uniquely tailored to your specific requirements, offering a range of investigative services with varying time estimates:

  1. Unmasking Fraudulent Activity (15 hours): If you're trying to unmask the individuals behind a fraudulent operation, our skilled team will dig deep into the case, dedicating 15 hours of meticulous investigation to identify the culprits.
  2. Background Checks (10 hours): Need to validate someone's credentials or history? Our comprehensive background checks, researched over a cumulative time of 10 hours, will provide you with the details you need.
  3. Asset Location (10 hours): If you're searching for someone's hidden assets, our team will dedicate 10 hours to unearthing these valuable insights.
  4. Pre-Litigation Reporting (10 hours): Get 10 hours of intensive research before you enter the courtroom, allowing you to be better prepared for legal proceedings.
  5. Due Diligence Reporting (10 hours): Let us provide you with a thorough 10-hour investigation to ensure you have all the relevant details for your business transactions.
  6. People Tracing (5 hours): Need to locate a specific individual? Our People Tracing service, completed in 5 hours, can help you find the person you're seeking.
  7. Open-Source Investigation (15 hours): Our specialists will tap into open-source data sets and spend 15 hours examining all available information to support your case.
  8. Locate a Tradesman (10 hours): Struggling to find a disappearing tradesman? Our team can spend 10 hours investigating to locate the cowboy tradesman who has disappeared with your advance payment of funds.
  9. Low-Value Scam Investigations (5 hours): Let us unearth the truth behind any small-scale scams with 5 hours of intensive research.
  10. Historic Family Tracing (15 hours): Discover your family's past with 15 hours of our deep-dive family tracing service.
  11. Historic Research (15 hours): We dedicate 15 hours to investigating the past, unearthing details that are crucial to your case or personal interest.

All of our people tracing services, including in depth people tracing, are no trace no fee so if we don’t find the person you are looking for you won’t pay a penny, subject to specific in depth research terms. Furthermore, our trace services adhere to a no trace no fee policy, assuring that there will be no charges if the trace does not yield results. However, please note that once a report has been generated and delivered, it is considered final and cannot be refunded. This guarantees the comprehensiveness and finality of our services. We also may need additional funds on account to complete the research and we will email you the details if this is required, any further fees requested on account are paid as full and final amounts negating the original no trace no fee policy.

In-depth people tracing

Find UK People presents the In-Depth People Trace Service, a premium and comprehensive service designed to cater to complex people tracing cases. Our team of highly specialized private investigators and enquiry agents utilise a multitude of data sources, including but not limited to, investigative agency databases, credit activity records, and a plethora of open-source data sets, to yield the most accurate results.

Our professionals possess unparalleled Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills, allowing them to tap into a wide network of information sources. They utilise advanced investigative techniques, far surpassing the standard parameters set by Credit Agency Matching, to provide a comprehensive trace of an individual.

Our experts excel in conducting manual research and undertake meticulous analysis of the data at hand. Their intensive research methodology unearths information that isn't readily available through conventional sources employed by other tracing agents. Although this approach involves additional time and costs, it significantly boosts the quality of insights acquired, thereby contributing significantly to solving complex people tracing cases.

The In-Depth People Trace Service isn't merely data-driven; it’s a holistic investigative approach ensuring thoroughness, precision, and optimal results for our clients. Each investigation is conducted with the utmost care and diligence, keeping our clients' requirements and satisfaction at the forefront.

Understanding the complex nature of these cases, we offer a 'No Find, No Fee' guarantee. This ensures that you, our valued client, only pay if we successfully locate the individual in question - see disclaimer above. Trust in our In-Depth People Trace Service to provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth investigation into your case, ensuring the best possible outcomes and giving you peace of mind. Our service pledges a full refund if we fail to locate the individual sought, as per our terms. However, optional extra research fees, when incurred at the client's or our request, are non-refundable. Should we fail to substantiate the person's current address in our report, we will reimburse the original in depth search fee, excluding any supplementary research charges paid on a case-by-case basis, which carry no refund assurance.


Findukpeople offers investigative services on an "if found" basis, where our fees cater to the research time and not the outcomes of the search. Given the variability in individual financial circumstances and data sources, report contents will differ.

Our service includes up to three property ownership searches in England & Wales for financial background or pre-litigation reports. Please note that prices exclude VAT, and data supplied depends on its availability in our third party datasets.

Though our services are delivered in good faith, they may not fully reflect the subject's status or asset ownership, as we report based on our third party data sources & associated investigations.

It's important to note that Findukpeople cannot supply personal data such as bank account details, National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources, to comply with UK data protection regulations. Your search will remain confidential where possible and allowable.

We advise consulting a solicitor or relevant professionals for understanding and interpreting the reports. Purchasing our services signifies your agreement to this disclaimer and our terms of service.

All family or friend traces require consent. We obtain this by sending a letter to the traced individual, providing them with the searcher's email and phone number. After this letter is dispatched, we offer no further assistance. The traced party can directly reach out to the searcher using the provided contact information. Find UK People strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, we require explicit consent from the individual being traced before we can process their personal data when conducting a family or friend trace - other services do not require consent.

We respect the privacy rights of individuals, which includes their right to control who has access to their personal information. As such, we do not assume the intentions of the party seeking the information and ask for explicit consent to maintain privacy.

Our policy ensures GDPR compliance and protects individual's privacy rights. Failure to obtain proper consent could lead to GDPR violations, resulting in potential penalties and reputational damage.

We recognize that this requirement may be a source of frustration, but our primary obligation is to legal compliance and respect for individual privacy. We prioritize trust and integrity in all our operations. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to our terms of service. Our service pledges a full refund if we fail to locate the individual sought, as per our terms. However, optional extra research fees, when incurred at the client's or our request, are non-refundable. Should we fail to substantiate the person's current address in our report, we will reimburse the original in depth search fee, excluding any supplementary research charges paid on a case-by-case basis, which carry no refund assurance.

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