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Batch Tracing Service

Find UK People® are a U.K. leading volume tracing company who have significantly invested in its batch tracing service.

Our batch tracing service is finding most of the people within a batch file within 15 days. Our batch tracing service supplies manually verified current address data which has been individually verified by our analysts with multiple sources of data.

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient, and compliant means to batch people trace individuals you need to reconnect with. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation partners can access address links derived from our databases and credit activity information.

All batch people tracing services are offered on a no trace no fee basis.

Excellent service! Have used many times for our business and will continue to do so.

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Batch tracing with a high success

We are experts at effectively locating people to a current address and provide a reliable volume tracing solution. All of our batch tracing is manually verified - unlike most competing solutions - which gives us our industry leading success rates.

Our dedicated team of batch tracing investigators are committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date address data on the subjects of your inquiry. The information we provide isn’t simply pulled from a database and matched, but is meticulously cross-verified using two independent and reliable sources of information. This rigorous verification process ensures the accuracy and reliability of the batch tracing data we deliver. The addresses we provide are guaranteed to be the current addresses for the subjects as of the date the reports are generated, giving you confidence in the timeliness of the data.

Unlike some agencies, we don’t rely solely on automated processes or bulk submissions to Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs). Instead, we take a hands-on approach, manually working each case with meticulous attention to detail. This approach allows us to dig deeper and explore multiple avenues of information, resulting in a higher success rate in our people tracing efforts.

Our method involves a layered data and layered investigation approach, which combines information from various sources to create a comprehensive profile of the subject. This comprehensive view is then further enhanced by manual investigative oversight. Our investigators apply their expertise and judgment to the data, identifying patterns, verifying connections, and ensuring the accuracy of the information.

To engage our services, all you need to do is place your initial order with us. Once the order is placed, we will promptly commence the batch tracing instruction. Our team is efficient and dedicated, typically completing batch tracing instructions within a span of just 10 days. This swift turnaround time is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction.

Moreover, we stand by the accuracy and reliability of our data. To this end, we offer a 60-day underwriting period for the information we provide. During this period, if you have any reason to believe that the information provided is incorrect or inaccurate, we commit to rechecking the case for you at no additional cost. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing accurate and reliable services to our clients.

In summary, our investigative team offers a comprehensive, hands-on approach to tracing, combining various sources of information, manual investigation, and a commitment to accuracy and reliability. Whether you’re looking to locate an individual or a batch of subjects, we can provide the information you need quickly and efficiently, backed by our 60-day underwriting guarantee.

All of our batch address tracing services include the following data points with manual verification of the sourced data:

Current address

verified by multiple Credit Agencies

Address validation

various alternative data sources

Telephone numbers*

mobile and landlines

Email addresses*

all associated emails

* If available during our inquiries and subject to terms of service.

Frequently asked questions

Is batch tracing no trace no fee?

✅  Peace of mind!

All of our batch tracing services are no trace no fee so if we don’t find the people you are looking for you won’t pay a penny.

What information do I need to complete a trace?

ℹ️  We don’t need much!

All you need is the persons name and either their old address or date of birth.

How long does the trace take?

💨  10 days fast!

Normally just 10 days and a maximum of 20 days.

Is the information guaranteed?

🔐  Find UK People keeps you safe

All of our supplied information is guaranteed for 60 days and we will recheck it free of any charge during this period if you need some further validation.

Who can use batch tracing services?

🚚 Anyone with volumes of people to trace!

Volume or batch people tracing involves tracking a large number of individuals simultaneously, rather than on a case-by-case basis. This process is usually conducted by specialized tracing agencies that have access to extensive databases, digital resources, and technology platforms. This service is used by businesses, organizations, and certain individuals for a variety of reasons.

Uses and Applications of Volume or Batch People Tracing

  1. Debt Recovery: Financial institutions, credit agencies, and debt collection firms may use volume tracing to locate individuals who have defaulted on their debts or have become difficult to contact.
  2. Pension Funds: Pension funds use this service to track down members who may have moved or lost contact. This ensures they can deliver the benefits that members are entitled to and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Insurance Companies: Insurance companies may need to locate beneficiaries of policies, especially in instances where the contact details on record are no longer accurate.
  4. Legal Firms: Legal firms often use batch tracing when they need to locate multiple individuals involved in a case, for example, witnesses, heirs, or beneficiaries.
  5. Estate Administration: When dealing with the administration of an estate, executors or administrators may need to find all the potential heirs. Batch tracing can help locate multiple heirs quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Volume or Batch People Tracing

  1. Efficiency: Instead of tracing people one by one, which can be time-consuming and costly, tracing multiple individuals at once can save a significant amount of time and resources.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Many tracing agencies offer discounted rates for volume tracing, making it more cost-effective for larger cases or when multiple individuals need to be located.
  3. Accuracy: Tracing agencies typically cross-reference multiple databases and sources to validate the accuracy of the information, improving the reliability of the results.
  4. Data Compliance: Using a reputable tracing agency ensures that all tracing activities are compliant with data protection laws and regulations.
  5. Improved Communication: Batch tracing can help maintain communication lines, ensuring that all individuals connected with a case, a policy, a debt, or a pension fund are kept informed and up to date.

It’s essential to note that the use of such tracing services must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those relating to data protection and privacy. Therefore, it’s advisable to use professional and reputable agencies to ensure compliance and ethical conduct.

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