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Find UK People® - Tracing Agents who find people in the UK

Can we pay by invoice with terms?

🐢  It’s just too slow!

Our service is transactional and we do not offer Credit or invoice terms to any customer.

How long do I have to wait after someone has moved to instruct you?

⌛  No waiting with us!

You can use our service as soon as someone moves out of a property – no need to wait with us!

Is the service no find no fee?

✅  Peace of mind!

All people tracing services operate on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis before delivery and have a maximum completion period of 30 days. For all financial background checks, pre-litigation investigations, employer searches, and any other investigative services, fees are charged per case and are non-refundable, with no guarantee of retracing. Upon completion and delivery of any report, all payments made are final and non-refundable.

How fast is your people trace service?

💨  7 days fast!

Normally most people tracing cases are returned via email within 7 days with a full trace report which will include the current address of the subject. The maximum time for a people trace to be completed is 30 working days.

Where a trace takes over 7 days it just means we are having to use more forensic in depth people tracing techniques to locate the subject. In these circumstances utilising just data sources, such as credit agency data, is not sufficient in your people trace case.

Can you trace someone outside of the UK?

🌍  We operate Worldwide!

Yes we trace people worldwide with the international address trace.

How do you complete a trace?

🧑‍💼  How does it work

Please see the website What we do section.

Can you trace volumes or batches of people?

🚚  We can trace batches of people!

Yes via our batch tracing section.

How much is the service?

💰  Lower prices with amazing service!

Prices start at £49 plus vat no trace no fee and all prices are quoted at online shop.

What information do you need?

ℹ️  We don’t need much!

We need the following  information to complete a standard people trace

a. A full name and a previous address or date of birth

Where you have less information you can use a in-depth people search

How do you charge?

💸  We request payment at the time of order with

a. PayPal
b. Credit card
c. Debit card

For batch tracing we request pre-payment via our online shop and will refund any negatives on completion, normally we operate at a 98% success rate so normally there is only a 2% refund amount at maximum.

Our charges are available and displayed via our order system.

All customers will be charged via PayPal or debit/credit card. All customers will be charged these published rates. Full pricing details including turnaround fees will be available at the time of order via the online order system. Just click “Start a trace” to view the full pricing details. The pricing page is just for information and the pricing contract will be formed at the time of purchase with the full pricing details displayed on the order system.

All prices exclude VAT & are subject to our standard terms and conditions, turnaround timescales are working days.

What is you current success for finding people?

🙌  Success which is unrivalled!

We have an unrivalled high success rate for finding people in the UK. which is backed up by our no trace no fee guarantee. It’s hard to quote a success rate as every case is different and success varies on a case by case basis but we do find most peoples current address.

How do we instruct you?

🖥️  Online checkout

We request all customers instruct us via the website by clicking the Get Started button on the main menu.

Are you data protection compliant?

🔒 Secure with peace of mind!

Yes we are registered, licenced by the Information Commissioners Office, registration number ZA193733.

Check our registration here

At, we operate a continuous compliance and improvement cycle, constantly reviewing our business to ensure that our divisions and partners operate ethically and deliver a quality service to our customers. Treating customers fairly has long been a focus for the FinTech industry and puts the customer firmly at the centre of the business.

We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to issues of compliance or best practice. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and a strong ethical code of conduct throughout all of our business practices.

We and our partner conduct all business in line with the CSA-Code-of-Practice.

Will the person know I am trying to trace them?

✅  Compliant Tracing

We do not contact the individual for debt cases, we complete our traces in line with the CSA published guidelines which is for debt related matters one CRA – Credit Reference agency link and then a verified alternative source. Your subject will not be made aware of the search in any circumstance.

For family, Ex-partner, or friend tracing we will require consent from you and the subject of the search to release their data to you. We pre-obtain your consent on our online order form system and initiate this procedure automatically. We do this so that we may initiate this if appropriate without further contact with you.
This will be selected at the time of ordering when you request a family, ex-partner, or friend trace – we can then contact the subject of the trace via a letter to obtain consent where we give them the details of who is looking for them and your email and telephone number for them to choose if they wish to make contact with you. This action allows for compliance with GDPR for family or friend tracing.

Important: The following circumstances do not require consent and will override the need for consent to be obtained, Divorce claim, Legal claim, Debt claim, Probate claim, Court purposes, Child Maintenance claims,

How do you trace people?

ℹ️ Learn how it works

We now explain in more detail how we generally trace people in the UK.

A trace is an attempt to locate an individual who needs to be contacted but appears to be no longer residing at their last known address, or with whom contact has been lost for some reason. These individuals are known as ‘gone-aways’. may use a variety of different sources, including supplied client information, public domain information databases, social media and most importantly Credit Reference Agency data in order to try and locate a new address for the individual.

When instructed to locate an individual, will commonly be provided with the name, date of birth and last known address of the subject. We will then utilise this information in conjunction with various sources in an attempt to confirm a new address. We can trace people with less information and will always look to locate based on any information that the client has and always act on a no find no fee basis for your peace of mind.

Searches through Credit Reference Agencies such as Equifax, Experian and CallCredit are the most common tracing tools used by tracing agencies. The name, date of birth and, in some cases, the last known address will be provided to the Credit Reference Agency via a data link and this will then search the databases for a potential credit link to a new address and, if successful, they supply this to us.

The address will require further verification in order to determine if this is the correct address for the individual you are trying to locate. This must be done prior to disclosing any details of the trace in order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The address can be verified through a separate non CRA data source, we always verify in this manner to complete our traces for you. This results in reassurance that all of our traces are compliant with the data protection act and are always verified trace data.

Information is supplied to the Credit Reference Agencies by creditors (e.g. banks, utilities and credit card companies). When somebody applies for credit, the information that they provide to the creditor is then reported to the Credit Reference Agencies and appears on the applicant’s credit report. provides a rapid, efficient and compliant means to trace nationwide debtors or other individuals you need to reconnect with. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation partners can access address links derived from databases and credit activity information. will yield high success rates when debtor tracing and our current average success rate is 96%.

We will provide you with the current address of the subject which will have been verified via two separate information sources and is guaranteed to be a current address for the subject on the date the report is generated.

We underwrite this information for 60 days, so in the event you feel the information is incorrect we will recheck the case for you free of any charge for 60 days.

We are experts at tracing people and provide an effective low cost tracing solution.

* Where available, we search all the data sources we have available and report on our findings, address tracing services are always on a no trace no fee basis

** Subject to our standard terms of service

Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, professional & public access databases, discreet investigations and all enquiries comply to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Can I trace long lost relatives?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑  It reconnects families safely!

We now explain in more detail how to find long lost family members.

People and families lose touch for many reasons – Separation, an argument, moving abroad, divorce, work commitments. All these things can rip a family apart and then when you want to put it back together you don’t know where to start. No matter why you lost touch in the first place, can help you find whoever you are looking for. Reconnecting with long lost relations can be an emotional experience, so we recommend you talk it through with a friend or partner who can support you along the way. Good luck!

What to do now

Step 1: Read how we trace people – It’s a free guide that’s packed with detailed advice on finding lost relatives as well as links to some professional services that may be able to help you.

Step 2: People Finder – Use our quick, intelligent search to look for any family members you have lost touch with. It has a 98% success rate and is no trace no fee. Simply enter the name of the person you are looking for, and we will search all of our more recent records including Electoral Rolls and Birth and Marriage records.

Find UK People will yield high success rates when long lost family member tracing & our current average success rate is 98%.

We will provide you with the current address of the missing family member (subject to consent being granted or not being required due to legitimate basis exemption) which will have been verified via two separate information sources and is guaranteed to be a current address for the family member on the date the report is generated.

We underwrite this information for 30 days, so in the event you feel the information is incorrect we will recheck the case for you free of any charge for 30 days.

We are experts at tracing long lost family members and provide an effective low cost family tracing solution.

* Where available, we search all the data sources we have available and report on our findings, family address tracing services are always on a no trace no fee basis

** Subject to our standard terms of service

Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, professional & public access databases, discreet investigations and all enquiries comply to the provisions of the Data Protection Act / GDPR

If my case is negative will you refund me?

💰  Refunds & No Trace No Fee

We will refund any no trace no fee case at the same time a report is generated via our merchant account (up to 24 hours). This only applies prior to report supply for negative cases. Once a case is supplied it is supplied in the best of faith but on a full and final basis with out refund cover. The report contents are gathered from third party data sources that we have no influence over and as such we do not indemnify this data.

The payment will be back to your original payment method at the same time you receive your negative report or within 3 days depending on your banking providers terms of service.

All negative reports are emailed to your supplied email address.

Can you trace a person by a number plate?

🚓  Car ownership tracing

No we cannot trace people from numberplate details only – DVLA require certain criteria to be fulfilled to release details of a owner of a car.

You can request details of a vehicle’s registered keeper and certain other information from DVLA if you have ‘reasonable cause’.

Why you might make a request, ‘Reasonable cause’ can include:

  • finding out who was responsible for an accident
  • tracing the owner of an abandoned vehicle
  • tracing the owner of a vehicle illegally parked on private land
  • issuing parking tickets
  • tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services
  • tracing vehicle owners suspected of insurance fraud

Read more here

What if your information is incorrect?

💁  How our reports work

We source data pertaining to UK individuals from multiple third-party data sources, including major Credit Agencies and other supporting data providers. This data is collated into our comprehensive data reports and is regarded as very accurate; however, we cannot provide any guarantees or indemnify its accuracy. In the event of any disputes arising from the provided data, we advise our clients to initiate a new trace after 8 weeks, to obtain updated information from the aforementioned third-party sources, which will incur additional costs for the client.

For all cases, including data-only people traces, a further search will be necessary after 8 weeks, and the associated cost for this additional search will be borne by the client as a separate search fee. Alternatively, clients may choose to opt for an immediate in-depth search to resolve the matter, in which case they will incur further costs to cover our research fees.

Why does my online credit card payment fail?

💳  Online Payments help

Secure online credit card transactions are processed in real-time on behalf of Findukpeople by the authorised merchant payment service provider using the highest levels of security available on the market. In case of a transaction failure, Findukpeople recommends to first try using an alternative credit card, or to give it another try with the same credit card again but at a later time. You can also pay with the alternative payment processor at checkout, please select this at the checkout screen – please also make sure the card is setup for online payments and that you use the address that the card is registered to or it will decline. If the issue persists with alternative payment processors then the issue is with your card and address not with our systems. In most cases this would solve the issue. Please do not contact us in regards to this issue as we cannot amend any setting on this from our systems.

Someone has conducted a trace on me with Find UK People, can you tell me about it?

🔎  Has someone searched me

GDPR and UK Data protection compliance requirements means we cannot discuss any case if you are not our direct client who instructed us. As such we cannot engage with any third party requests for information in regards to a completed case unless you request consent from the original client and we receive that consent in writing from them.

Our tracing data is obtained from Credit Agencies in the UK, who will hold address data for you and they are compliant in sharing that data within the selected legal basis selected on our order system by our clients. Tracing agents have access to Credit Agency data sets and Credit Agency information to enable the locating of people in the UK.

The UK Credit Agencies are Experian, Equifax and Transunion . The credit information available to tracing agents for the purposes of locating people is vastly superior to the Electoral Roll information open to the general public for tracing people in the UK. We use Transunion, Experian and Equifax as our Credit Reference Agencies.

Here’s how to contact them if you need to request information held about you:

  • Transunion 1 Park Lane. Leeds. West Yorkshire. L53 1EP.
  • Experian Consumer Help Service. PO Box 9000. Nottingham. NG80 7WP.
  • Equifax  Customer Service Centre. PO BOX 10036. Leicester. LE3 4FS.

How do I get my details removed from your service?

📧  Contact the UK Credit Agencies

1. Data Origin and Retention Our tracing data is sourced exclusively from reputable Credit Agencies in the United Kingdom (UK) for each individual trace request. It is essential to note that we do not maintain or store this data in our databases. These Credit Agencies retain address data for individuals and operate in strict compliance with the legal basis chosen by our clients on our order system. The tracing agents utilize API access to Credit Agency data sets and Credit Agency information to facilitate the location of individuals in the UK.

2. Accessing Your Own Data Should you wish to access data held about yourself, you must initiate direct contact with the relevant Credit Agencies. In the UK, the primary Credit Agencies we engage with via our approved partners are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

3. Contact Information for Credit Agencies Here is the contact information for the Credit Agencies through which we source data:

  • Transunion:
    Transunion PLC  1 Park Lane. Leeds. West Yorkshire. L53 1EP
  • Experian:
    Experian  Consumer Help Service. PO Box 9000. Nottingham. NG80 7WP
  • Equifax:
    Equifax  Customer Service Centre. PO BOX 10036. Leicester. LE3 4FS

Please refer to the respective agency’s contact details above if you require information held about you. We are committed to ensuring that our data sourcing and handling practices adhere to all applicable legal requirements and regulations.

How do I remove an old order from the cart?

🛒  Empty your cart!

Refresh your browser, clear cookie and browsing data then login to Go to the online shop and click the floating bag icon bottom right of screen. Delete all existing orders in the screen – click the cross at the top of the item description to clear it.

The system when ordering is not working or I am getting incorrect charges or formatting

🛒  Empty your cart!

Please clear the existing orders in the cart, replace the order and before submitting with the add to bag button check the fee at the top of the form still says the price you expect to pay – that is what the order system will charge plus VAT. It will only default to a higher price based on the selections made – it does not change price without a clients input. The system will also only support new browser versions such as Chrome or Safari and does not support older browser versions – if a client has issues we suggest they use alternative computer hardware and the latest browsing software such as the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari, make sure to clear the existing browser cache, and to make sure the Findukpeople cart is empty. If you still have problems we cannot support any further as we would determine this to be a hardware or software issue locally as our systems are tested as fully functional on all modern internet Browsers.

How to choose the right tracing basis for GDPR

✅   Select the correct basis!

1. Debt Tracing Basis

Legitimate Basis: If you are a creditor attempting to trace a debtor who owes you money, you have a legitimate interest in doing so. Your legitimate basis is the pursuit of a debt owed to you.

– You must have a valid debt owed to you by the individual you are tracing.
– You should have attempted to contact the debtor using the contact details they provided initially.
– Ensure that your tracing efforts are proportional and not excessive in relation to the debt owed.

  • Consent is not required*


2. Court Claim Tracing Basis:

Legitimate Basis: If you are a party to a legal dispute and need to trace a defendant or witness for legal proceedings, your legitimate basis is the pursuit of justice and a fair trial.

– You should be a party to a legitimate legal dispute or case filed with a court.
– The tracing activity should be directly related to the legal proceedings and necessary for the case.
– Ensure that you comply with court rules and procedures regarding tracing and notification.

  • Consent is not required*


3. Beneficiary Tracing Basis:

Legitimate Basis: If you are an executor of an estate or a trustee of a trust and need to trace beneficiaries or heirs, your legitimate basis is fulfilling your fiduciary duties.

– You must be legally appointed as an executor or trustee.
– The tracing activity should be necessary to distribute assets or fulfill the terms of the estate or trust.
– Ensure that you comply with relevant trust or estate laws and regulations.

  • Consent is not required*


4. Family or Friend Reunion Tracing Basis:

Legitimate Basis: If you are tracing family members for personal reasons, such as reuniting with long-lost relatives, your legitimate basis is based on personal or humanitarian grounds.

– Your tracing efforts should not involve any commercial or financial gain.
– Respect the privacy and consent of the individuals you are trying to trace, and be prepared for varying responses, including potential non-cooperation or no contact.

  • Consent is required*

*Subject to acceptance and acceptable valid basis for the search. All cases are subject to our full terms of service.



All family, ex-partner, or long-lost friend tracing services provided by Find UK People are subject to the requirement of a consent letter. This letter must include the contact details of the person conducting the tracing process and is to be sent to the party being traced. Under no circumstances shall any address information be disclosed to any party, whether it be you or our client. This strict policy is implemented to safeguard privacy and uphold maximum compliance standards. We adhere unwaveringly to this protocol for all family, friend, or ex-partner tracing cases, believing it to be essential for the safety and security of all involved parties.

In order to obtain consent for tracing, a letter is dispatched to the family member or friend being traced. This letter includes the instructor’s details, comprising their name, email address, and telephone number. This standard tracing consent request letter is exclusively addressed to the subject of the trace, affording them sole discretion regarding whether to initiate contact with the instructor.

It is important to note that we employ a single standardized letter, which cannot be modified or customized with bespoke messaging. This approach is adopted to maintain compliance with GDPR regulations. Once the letter has been sent to the subject, the case is promptly closed by our team.


🔑  Legitimate Interest

In all instances, it is imperative to establish a sound legal foundation or a legitimate interest for the people tracing activities for which you are engaging our services. Furthermore, strict adherence to data protection regulations, notably the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, is of paramount importance. This entails securing explicit consent when deemed necessary, ensuring the accuracy of data, and upholding data security throughout the entirety of the tracing process. Failure to observe these requirements could potentially result in breaches of data protection statutes and subsequent legal repercussions.

Please be aware that the information provided here may not reflect the prevailing legislation in your specific jurisdiction or, indeed, within the United Kingdom. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you seek counsel from qualified legal professionals concerning your unique circumstances before enlisting our services. Should any uncertainty persist regarding the legitimacy of your people tracing endeavor, it is advisable to seek legal guidance and instruct your designated solicitor to directly engage our services.

⚠️  If you do not have a genuine legitimate interest – DO NOT USE!