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    Fast & effective tenant reference checking
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We can tenant reference in just 24 hours

Tenant referencing is an essential part of tenant pre-screening when you’re letting out your investment property.

  • Only £45 ex VAT
  • 24 hour service
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Highly recommended

Do you need a reliable tenant reference check? Knowing exactly who is moving into your property will help you to make an informed decision about the tenants you select.

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient and compliant means to verify new tenants in the UK with our tenant reference check. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation and verification partners can access tenant verification databases and credit activity information.

All of our tenant reference checks are offered on a fee per case basis, just place your initial order with us and we will investigate and verify your new tenant. Among the essential information we provide is any hidden debts linked to their current and most recent homes, giving you more insight into affordability of any potential tenancy. We also verify with our tenant reference check that the details you have are for a valid and correct person at a correctly supplied address.

Tenant Reference Check 2

We check and verify the following information points:

  • Confirms current supplied address
  • Confirms full name, date of birth & nationality*
  • Confirms current occupation*
  • Details of any County Court Judgments*
  • Insolvency data on the subject at the address*
  • Confirms supplied tel numbers*
  • Property registry search*
  • Supplies “linked” or associated address(es) found*
  • Directorships or for any business involvement at the address*

Why landlords choose our tenant reference check

  • Save time and money using our online system to check a tenant
  • This tenancy check service will return a result in 24 hrs
  • Gain confidence that your prospective tenant is who they say they are
  • Reduce the risk to yourself by having proof of how much rent your tenants can afford
  • Understand the tenants outstanding declared and / or undeclared County Court Judgements
  • Discover any undeclared business interests

* Where available, we search all the data sources we have available and report on our findings, people tracing services are always on a no trace no fee basis

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