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Employment tracing service

Our employment tracing service is provided within a financial background report and provides sourced information on a if found basis.

The provision of employer tracing is incorporated within the scope of our financial background reporting service, with all encompassing contents – inclusive of employer information – being dispensed strictly on a ‘if found’ basis. Please note that this service is transacted on a per-case fee structure, absent any opportunity for refund.

We would like to clarify that we do not extend employer tracing as a distinct service, primarily due to the limitations we encounter with respect to the volume and verifiability of the data necessary to corroborate employer information. Given the tentative nature of this data, it can only yield indicative outputs, hence, our rationale for exclusively integrating this data point within the context of a financial background report.

Furthermore, we implement a consistent fee structure for all financial background or pre-litigation reports, irrespective of the extent or the nature of the information provided. In circumstances where no employer details are located, our fee remains intact. This is because the financial background report is inherently designed to procure multiple data points and to facilitate extensive checks against a broad array of datasets relative to the subject under investigation. Please note we do not provide any refund cover on this service and you should not use this service if you are not prepared to pay for the research time regardless of outcome.

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All of our employment tracing services are on a fee per case basis, just place your initial order with us and we will investigate the subjects employment status and if employed verify the current employment details along with a full financial background search.

The Employer Tracing Service is now incorporated as a section within the Financial Background Check. This service will conduct a search and only if there is a match, will current employer information be displayed. Please note that this is merely indicative data, intended to provide a snapshot of the subject’s current employment status.

Given the restricted availability of data for employment tracing searches, the results provided are based on unverified data, not underwritten or guaranteed. At times, the search may not yield any information on the employment status or details. However, the fee for the Financial Background report, inclusive of the Employer Tracing Service, is applicable per case and remains due irrespective of the outcome of the employer search.

Our Financial Background Reports are comprehensive and compiled using multiple credible data sources and a deep reservoir of expert knowledge. They provide a multidimensional perspective of an individual’s financial situation, history, creditworthiness, property ownership, and more. While the employment information is part of the report, it’s only a section within the broader scope of the Financial Background Check.

Despite the limitations of employment tracing, we maintain a strong commitment to accuracy, thoroughness, and compliance with GDPR & data protection laws. These reports serve as valuable tools for risk assessment, due diligence, or any other activity requiring in-depth insight into an individual’s financial background. Even if the data is not verified, the insights gleaned can still assist in making informed decisions or maintaining transparency.

The provision of current employment details (if available) following an employer tracing search, serves as a useful resource for applications such as attachment of earnings. However, it’s important to understand that these details for employment information are only indicative and research based and in no way are underwritten or guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

Is employment tracing no trace no fee?

💷  Fee per case!

All of our employment tracing services are fee per case and include financial background information along with employer details if sourced during a search but there are no guarantees of provision.

What information do I need to complete a trace?

ℹ️   We don’t need much!

All you need is the persons name and either their old address or date of birth.

How long does the trace take?

💨   7 days fast!

Normally just 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.

Is the information guaranteed?

✅   Full and Final reporting

All of our supplied reports for a financial background, pre-litigation or employment status are provided on a full and final basis without any guarantees or retrace provision.

Why is employment difficult to validate in the UK?

💻🖱️  Limited data sets

Employment tracing services, such as those offered by Find UK People, face a unique set of challenges compared to other tracing search types due to the restricted availability of employment data in the UK.

This limitation primarily stems from stringent data privacy laws, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that protect personal information, including one’s employment data. Unlike other types of data, such as residential address or business information, which are often publicly accessible through directories or public records, employment data is typically private and confined to the individual and the employer.

Under GDPR, without explicit consent or other legally valid grounds, processing personal employment information is generally prohibited. Even with such grounds, accessing this kind of data can be complex, requiring multiple validating information points to ensure accuracy and legal compliance, which are often challenging to acquire.

In addition, many employers have policies in place that further restrict the sharing of employment data to protect the privacy of their employees and maintain compliance with GDPR. This additional layer of protection means that employment data isn’t as readily available or accessible as data used in other types of tracing searches, like address or asset tracing.

The result is a limited data environment that can make employment tracing services more difficult to execute accurately and effectively, compared to other tracing searches where data is more abundant and accessible. This limited data landscape and stringent regulation form significant barriers to successful employment tracing in the UK. As such we can only provide indication data on employment information on a if found basis for you to validate further on supply.

Why do you only offer employment data in a financial background report?

📈  Gain a fuller picture

Given the significant challenges and limitations associated with accessing and validating employment data, Find UK People has strategically decided to only provide such information as part of a financial background or pre-litigation report, and not as a standalone product.

The incorporation of employment data in these comprehensive reports aligns with the principle of data minimisation outlined in the GDPR. This principle states that only the necessary amount of personal data should be processed for the task at hand. By including employment information within these broader reports, Find UK People ensures the data is used solely for legitimate and specific purposes, such as evaluating an individual’s financial stability or as part of pre-litigation proceedings, where demonstrating an individual’s means to pay might be relevant.

Including employment data as part of these reports also allows for a more balanced perspective, putting the employment information in the context of broader financial and personal details. This approach mitigates the potential risk of misinterpretation or misuse of isolated employment data, and enhances the overall usefulness and relevance of the information provided.

Furthermore, it helps avoid the additional complications, time, and resources that would be needed to verify and validate employment data for standalone products. Considering the stringent data privacy regulations and the penalties for non-compliance, it is a cautious approach that helps maintain a balance between providing necessary services and respecting privacy laws.

In summary, Find UK People’s decision to provide employment data only within financial background or pre-litigation reports reflects a practical and thoughtful response to the complexities and limitations associated with accessing and processing employment data in the UK.

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