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Employment Tracing

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Current or historical employer information
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Discover where someone works

  • Confirms current employment status*
  • Option to research and provide historical employer information
  • Name and address of each employer
  • Current and historical data provided
  • Verified information
  • Requires current address
  • Or also select address trace

How it works

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient and compliant means to trace employment details of individuals you need to reconnect with.

Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface.

Our investigation partners can access employment information from our public domain databases and then research and confirm the current validity of this employer information.

This service is typically used for attachment of earnings order (pre-application discovery) to obtain where a subject currently works so that you may provide this information to the courts.

Find UK People also provide an option to obtain a historical timeline of employers which will include dates of employment with the employers name plus address details of each employer.

We research historically up to a maximum of 15 years but this historical research is fee based and not offered on a no trace no fee basis due to the complexity of research.

* Where available, we search all the data sources available and report on our findings, people tracing services are always on a no trace no fee basis. All prices exclude VAT on this page & subject to our standard terms of service

Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, professional & public access databases, discreet investigations & always comply to the Data Protection Act.

Please note the more information you submit the higher the chance of success in location of current details, examples would be previous employers, history of status e.g. self employed, email address, tel numbers, any companies run by the subject etc.

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