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    Fast, accurate Pre-Litigation asset checks
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Evaluate financial viability with a Pre-Sue report

Find UK People® are a U.K. leading pre-litigation tracing company who have significantly invested in its pre-litigation report service. Our industry leading pre-sue reports are finding 98% of missing people and their associated assets within 24 hours. Our Pre-Sue report report service provides a detailed background of a subjects assets and liabilities in the U.K.

  • 98% success rate
  • Highly experienced analysts
  • Result available in 24 hours
  • From £230 ex VAT

The Pre-Sue report will help a creditor to obtain key financial background information with major assets and liabilities identified backed up by sources of income. Our cutting-edge technology and vast accumulated data enable us to confidently link individuals to people, places, and business/financial information. Our in-depth financial background report is used by creditors to determine the next steps in regards to litigation and enforcement.

The Pre-Sue report will identify key financial information on a subject to allow selection of the correct method of enforcement based on key intelligence, where available.

Behind every Pre-Sue report, we have a team of expert asset tracing analysts, with a high success rate when tracking assets.

Pre-Sue Reports 2

In-depth Pre-Sue & Pre-Litigation reports

The in-depth pre-litigation report allows you to build a clear profile of the individual you are dealing with. Our pre-sue report makes it easy to establish if someone is subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, or has County Court Judgments against their name.

Our pre-sue report solution will return details of any bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements, County Court Judgments, Debt Relief Orders, or Scottish Sequestrations.

The Pre-Litigation report also includes a property ownership search that links directly into the Land Registry database. This search will highlight whether there is a full or partial match against the name, the ownership status (Joint Proprietor, Sole Proprietor), and will also provide the title number.

Every Pre-Sue Report will also include a manual investigation into the current employment status of the individual which normally results in current employment details being supplied.

What we research with a Pre-Sue report

Compiled by our highly experienced, professional investigative pre-litigation analysts.

  • FREE address trace*
  • Date of birth confirmation*
  • Confirms current address*
  • Confirms financial status*
  • Current & past directorships*
  • Employment information*
  • Property ownership*
  • Estimated property value*
  • Insolvency register searches*
  • CCJ search*
  • Disqualified directors searches*
  • Suspected alias used*
  • Social media searches
  • Credit background*
  • Mobile or tel numbers*
  • Company financials*
  • Lifestyle information*
  • Fee per case
  • Results in 7 days guaranteed

*Subject to terms of service

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