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Find UK People® a specialist people tracing agency who offer a core service of people tracing. We offer tracing services throughout the UK and can also locate missing people across the Globe. We have a specialist internal tracing team who excel at finding people in the UK.  We also utilise strategically placed fully authorised tracing investigators across the world who specialise in people tracing services, this offers our clients a fast efficient way to locate anyone, anywhere, in a matter of hours.

Find UK People® has an unrivalled 98% success rate at locating people in the UK. Our people tracing results are delivered in just 24 hours which is not the industry standard tracing turnaround of 30 days. The difference in tracing service levels when compared are very apparent.

Find UK People® has over 300 testimonials on their testimonial page which can be viewed and verified through independent sites such as Trustpilot.

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Tracing Services

  • People Tracing

Find UK People® has a 98% success rate at finding people across the UK and in just 24 hours, the people tracing service is unrivalled. Known in the tracing industry for providing highly accurate reports in 24 hour timescales, we really are the first choice when selecting a premium tracing agency.

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  • Family Tracing

Find UK People® offers a fast and accurate family tracing service which offers a rapid method to locate and track long lost family members in the UK or across the world.

Find UK People® offer a family trace service to locate long lost family on a no trace no fee basis within a maximum of just 7 days. Always guaranteed to be the correct person at the correct address the family tracing service is to be relied upon for locating any long lost family or friends.

Debt recovery tips
  • Debtor Tracing

Find UK People® have broad debtor tracing experience and have a defined operational process for locating and tracing debtors to a current address. With an unrivalled 98% success rate at locating debtors to a current address in the UK and  in just 24 hours we are the number one creditors choice for debtor tracing services.

How to recover a debt
  • Financial Background Reports

Find UK People® have extensive experience in being able to compile financial background information on debtors for creditors in the UK. A financial background report will identify any major assets or sources of income in the UK within the GDPR and Data Protection frameworks.

Find UK People® reports are used by creditors to assess an individuals worthiness for future litigation and to identify any assets for a more tailored approach to enforcement.