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Debtor Tracing Service

Our expert Debtor Tracing Service is designed to efficiently locate and reconnect with individuals owing a debt. With our high success rate and robust methodology, we provide a reliable solution to your debtor tracing needs.

Service Features:

  • Expert-led debtor tracing
  • High success rates
  • Utilises accurate credit agency data
  • 30-day recheck guarantee
  • Operates on a 'No trace, no fee' basis*

How It Works:

Find UK People® offers a swift, compliant, and reliable service for nationwide debtor tracing. Our accessible online platform features a user-friendly interface for ease of use.

We collaborate with trusted investigation partners to gain access to address links sourced from comprehensive databases and credit activity information. This approach ensures high success rates in debtor tracing.

We operate our tracing services on a 'No trace, no fee' basis. Upon receiving your order, our expert tracing agents initiate the investigation, employing two separate information sources to verify the current address of the debtor. The address provided is guaranteed to be current and accurate as of the date the trace report is generated, derived from reliable data sets.

With our experience and proficiency in debtor tracing, we are committed to providing an effective and cost-efficient solution for your address tracing needs.

While the service typically concludes within 30 working days, in most instances, results are delivered via email within 7 working days. Please note that complex or evasive cases may require up to 30 working days for completion.

Why Choose Us:

  • Accurate debtor tracing
  • Expedient service
  • Reliable service levels
  • Online order tracking

With Find UK People®, tracing your debtors becomes a manageable and efficient process, providing you with peace of mind and successful outcomes.

Find UK Debtor Address Tracing Service Levels

If it's evident that the individual has moved without updating their records or is being evasive, we advise engaging our 'Standard or In-Depth Trace' service for a thorough and effective search.

In-depth research differs significantly from data-only debtor tracing. In-depth research involves a comprehensive investigation using various sources and methods, including public records research, interviews, social media research, and professional dataset and manual research of said data. It provides a more complete understanding of an individual. In contrast, data-only people traces rely on electronic databases via Credit Agencies and publicly available information, offering limited depth and potentially missing important details. In-depth research has a higher success rate in uncovering hidden or hard-to-find residential indicator information, making it valuable for the more elusive debtor searches.

🤖 Light Search

  • Features: Automated, basic credit agency dataset searches.
  • Suitable for: Quick, straightforward tracing needs.
  • Advantage: Fast results with minimal detail.

ℹ️ You must supply full name, last known address or date of birth

Works for subjects who are credit active or pay utility bills

No Trace No Fee - You are refunded in full automatically

Report is final and includes no further updates

Unsuitable for HMO's or individuals without credit/utility records

✅ Standard Search

  • Features: Multiple credit agency & third party data searches, plus up to 1 hour of investigative research.
  • Additional Cost: £50.00.
  • Suitable for: More detailed tracing with professional analysis.
  • Advantage: Balanced approach between speed and thoroughness.

ℹ️ You must supply full name, last known address or date of birth

30 day retrace guarantee

No trace no fee - You are refunded in full automatically

Manually investigated to obtain current verified residential address for standard people tracing cases

🔥 In-depth Search

  • Features: Multiple, advanced credit agency & third party data searches by a leading investigator, extensive research time.
  • Additional Cost: £150.00.
  • Suitable for: Complex, sensitive cases requiring depth and precision.
  • Advantage: Highest level of detail and expertise.

ℹ️ Works with any contact data or limited information

60 day retrace guarantee

No trace no fee - You are refunded in full automatically

In-depth investigation to locate the more elusive including HMO residents or evasive subjects


All our debtor tracing services operate under a "No Trace, No Fee" policy, while all other services, including all ad-ons, levy a fee per case, reflecting research time. Comprehensive details and terms can be found in our full terms of service. All prices across our website are exclusive of VAT.

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