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Our Pre-litigation Asset Search Service offers a comprehensive preliminary investigation and data gathering solution, ideal before initiating litigation. This cost-effective service equips you with a thorough understanding of the subject's financial profile, enabling you to make informed decisions. Results are typically provided within 7 working days, though complex or elusive cases may require up to 30 working days.

Service Features - data is searched and results supplied, data results are not guaranteed a match result

  • Complimentary Address Trace: Accurate tracing of the subject's current address.
  • Current Address Confirmation: Verification of the subject's present domicile.
  • Financial Status Evaluation: Extensive examination of the subject's current financial standing.
  • Directorship Details: Insights into the subject's current and past directorships.
  • Employment Information: Confirmation of the subject's employment status and background.
  • Property Ownership Verification: Identification and confirmation of properties owned by the subject.
  • Property Value Estimation: Approximation of the current market value of the subject's properties.
  • Disqualified Directors Search: Examination for any directorship disqualifications linked to the subject.
  • Insolvency Register Examination: Search of insolvency registers for records pertaining to the subject.
  • County Court Judgement (CCJ) Search: Investigation for any CCJs involving the subject.
  • Company Financials: Detailed analysis of the subject's company financials, if applicable.

How It Works:

The Find UK People® Debtor Pre-Litigation Report is an essential tool for creditors, assisting in determining the optimal course of action regarding litigation and enforcement. This comprehensive report provides key financial intelligence about the subject, informing the selection of the most suitable enforcement method.

Our investment in advanced live tracing database technology enables us to locate most individuals and their assets/liabilities within the UK within 7 days of instruction. This technology, combined with our expert tracing agents, empowers us to establish connections between individuals, their associated entities, locations, and relevant business/financial information.

We offer the following service levels:

  1. Light - 1 hour of research time:
    • Designed for lower value debts under £1000.
  2. Standard - 2 hours of research time:
    • Suitable for subjects with limited (1) property asset and company.
  3. In-depth - 6 hours of research time:
    • Recommended for subjects with suspected multiple property assets and companies.
    • Ideal for complex cases where detailed information is pivotal to the recovery of outstanding sums.
    • Enables assessment of subjects' behaviors and overall risk.
    • Provides a comprehensive understanding of exposures, including detailed profiling information.


Find UK People® operates on a "find basis", with fees reflecting research time rather than search outcomes. Report contents may fluctuate due to the subject's financial situation and available data sources. Services may include up to three property searches in England & Wales, and exclude VAT. Data supplied is contingent on third-party dataset availability.

Despite our services being delivered in good faith, they may not entirely represent the subject's status or assets, as they are based on third-party data. We comply with UK data protection regulations and do not provide personal data such as bank details, National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data.

Our fees are charged per case, with the provision of information varying on a case-by-case basis. Results typically take up to 30 days.

Professional legal advice is recommended for understanding and interpreting reports. By purchasing our services, you accept this disclaimer and agree to our terms of service. While our service generally takes up to 30 working days to complete, in most instances, the result will be emailed within 7 working days. However, more intricate or elusive cases may extend the timeline to 30 working days. Lower fee services will result in partial data searches and lower data provision and for the avoidance of doubt no data point is guaranteed to be provided or matched, reports can only provide where there is a positive confident match against searched data sets but in no way should this be deemed a complete and final result.

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