Tenant Referencing

Verify & reference your tenant
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Reference your tenant

  • Confirms current address
  • Confirms full name, date of birth & nationality*
  • Confirms current occupation*
  • Details of any County Court Judgments*
  • Insolvency data on the subject at the address*
  • Confirms supplied tel numbers*
  • Property registry search*
  • Supplies "linked" or associated address(es) found*
  • Directorships or for any business involvement at the address*

We are experts at tenant referencing and provide effective low-cost tenant verification.

Why Landlords choose us

  • Save time and money using our online system to check a tenant
  • This tenancy check service will return a result in 7 days
  • Gain confidence that your prospective tenant is who they say they are
  • Reduce the risk to yourself by having proof of how much rent your tenants can afford
  • Understand the tenants outstanding declared and/or undeclared County Court Judgments
  • Discover any undeclared business interests

How it works

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient, and compliant means to verify and check potential tenants.

Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface.

Our tenant reference and tenancy verification partners can access information to enable us to verify the tenant is who they say they are and to obtain supporting financial background information on the prospective tenant. This information enables suitability assessment of the prospective tenant by a landlord or letting agency.

* Where available, we search all the data sources available and report on our findings, tenant check services are always fee per case. All prices exclude VAT on this page. Subject to our standard terms of service

We cannot advise on the suitability of any individual with respect to the content of these tenant reference reports.

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