Tradesman's home address

Obtain a Tradesman's home address
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Tradesman's Residential Address

Key Features:

  • Provides the current residential address for a tradesman
  • Helps to locate Tradesmen that owe you money
  • Can be used to locate Tradesmen, fraudsters, scammers, evasive subjects who owe you money
  • Will allow you to issue your money claim
  • Works with limited information
  • High success rate due to electronic and private investigative techniques
  • Utilizes our most comprehensive data sets
  • Conducted by expert investigators
  • Ensures verified and confirmed data
  • Services available across the UK
  • Operates on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis


Find UK People® delivers a fast, efficient, and compliant method to trace the home addresses of a Tradesman or other individual that you have limited information to locate with that you seek for debt recovery purposes. Our tracing service will allow you to commence court proceedings against the tradesman by giving you their current address to issue your claim against.

Generally, the service completes within 30 working days. However, in most cases, the result will be emailed within 7 working days. Please note that more complex or elusive cases may extend the delivery timeframe to 30 working days.


We commit to exhaustive searches across all available data sources and report on our findings. Our people tracing services consistently operate on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis. Please be aware that all prices listed exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service.

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