Owed money? How a trace agency can help you…

Owed money? How a trace agency can help you...

​​How can a trace agency help you when you are owed money?

How a trace agency can help? A straight forward question but an important one as getting this right can determine if you get paid.

There are many reasons people choose a specialist tracing agency to locate and find people for debt related matters rather than go to a generalist debt collection agency who offer debtor tracing but the main is the word specialist. When an agency specialises in just one thing there success rate and reliability rises especially if they layer their data sources.

This gives agencies such as Findukpeople an unrivalled success rate and a higher level of confidence on any provided data.

We now list some of the reasons how a trace agent can help you recover a debt.

1. A tracing agent can find the current address for any subject in the UK and will be able to confirm that this is current and correct allowing you to issue proceedings to the correct address.

2. A trace agent report confirming the current address will help with any potential set aside motion in the event the debtor claims later after judgement that the proceedings were served at an incorrect address.

3. A trace agency such as findukpeople.co.uk can also provide employer information which can help a creditor with any attachment of earnings applications.

4. For more extensive debt amounts one can request a financial background report which will list the subjects CCJs and assets which will allow you to judge the best and most suited method of enforcement.


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