Owed money? How a trace agency can help you...

How a Trace Agency Can Help You

This article will cover the following topic, Owed Money: Here is how a tracing agency can help you. Here at Find UK People®, we understand how frustrating it can be to see your earnings or savings disappear when you can’t trace your debtor. That is why we offer specialized services, to offer you reliable and discrete debt recovery options. We know that this can be a delicate matter, and we are committed to utilizing all of our resources to ensure that you can get your money back – quickly and efficiently. 

In some cases, you might be able to use some channels – such as social media and the internet – to start your search. However, some debtors might be more difficult to locate, and that’s where we can help. 

Because our tracing agency specializes in finding debtors, we have implemented the latest technologies and we are always sure to have access to the leading credit agency databases. This, alongside the expertise of our investigative team, allow us to offer you unparalleled success rates. 


Your Debt Recovery Case in Expert Hands

At Find UK People®, our teams of expert investigators can help you trace a debtor, understand their background and provide comprehensive reports that you can use in your case. Where an address is present, we can proceed with a straightforward debtor locating process. However, we have worked on thousands of cases where just a minor piece of evidence existed – so we are happy to work on any minimal information you can provide us with. 

We are committed to treating your case as if our own money was involved because we understand how hard you have worked towards it. Find out what to expect from collaborating with us below.   

Tracing a Debtor

Our specialist people tracing agency can help you trace and find your debtors. If you are able to provide a current or past address, this is likely to speed up the process of recovering your debt. However, we have worked on a variety of cases where only a little data evidence was provided. 

We’ll work with any data you can provide us with and proceed to confirm that all details are current and still valid. In turn, this can help you streamline the process of sending notifications or letters before action to the correct address. This is necessary for you to move your case forward and finally get back the money that’s owed to you. 


Prevent Future Issues

Once the current address of your debtor is confirmed and we have proof that all the details are valid, you can then proceed with your case. Because the address is confirmed, you will be able to contact your debtors and have a direct line of communication. One of the greatest benefits of identifying the current address of your debtors is that you can minimize the risk of future litigation issues. 

For example, you can reduce the chance of a motion to set aside the judgment. This can happen when the debtor claims that the proceedings reached the wrong address. 

This issue is among the most common ones for creditors to deal with, and it often happens after the judgment. In turn, such an issue can cause you to lose rights over your claim and delay the debt recovery. Instead, once you have proof that the address is current and valid, you will be able to prepare for it and dismiss or prevent the motion from ever happening. 


Employer Information

A tracing agent does much more than just pointing you towards the address of your debtors. Indeed, tracing a debtor is a delicate process that will require you to gain as much information as possible before moving forward.

Here at Find UK People®, we can guide you through each stage of recovering your money. We can do so by providing you with detailed employer information – which can be helpful when a creditor requires an attachment of an earnings application to support a money claim.


Financial Background

If you are in the position of having to trace and recover more extensive debts, you might consider requesting a financial background report. This type of report can help you recover your money back while reducing the chance of misinformation along the way. 

The pre-sue reports we provide our clients at Find UK People® are comprehensive and provide a comprehensive financial situation analysis of your debtor, giving you a precise snapshot of their current finances. 

In the financial background report service, you will find a list of any past and current CCJs, as well as assets and financial history detail.

Such reports can play a crucial role when you are trying to judge what is the best method of enforcement and how to proceed to get your money back. 


What To Expect From Find UK People®

When trying to recover your debt, you will be undergoing a process that can be frustrating, especially if you are doing so without leveraging the expertise of a specialised people tracing agency. Here at Find UK People®, we are committed to supporting you throughout each step of the journey. Here’s what to expect when putting your case in our hands. 


Professional Investigators 

Here at Find UK People®, we have selected and handpicked the highest-regarded investigators, and we work in close collaborations with renowned organisations and agencies. When putting your case in our hands, you can be sure that we’ll handle each phase with the greatest care. Our trained investigators follow a precise and methodical process to avoid overlooking any detail that might make a difference in the case’s outcome. 


Confidentiality & Discretion

Recovering your money from a debtor can be an incredibly challenging process that can add a lot of stress to your daily life. We understand this and also know that you need to get your money back quickly. That is why we treat each debt recovery case with maximum confidentiality and discretion. You can be sure that we’ll handle each phase with minimal disruption to you.


Valuable Information

Tracing a debtor can be a delicate process, especially if the debtor is not collaborating with you or has moved abroad. However, here at Find UK People®, we treat each case as if it involved our own assets. That is why we always strive to go the extra mile and offer you all the information you need to resolve the issue quickly and recover your money. 

We hope you enjoyed our article – Owed Money: Here is how a tracing agency can help you.

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