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In-depth people tracing investigations
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Investigation service

Please call us on contact us to confirm the use of this product

Normally for any specialist tracing investigations or in-depth research

How it works

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient, and compliant means to trace nationwide debtors or other individuals you need to reconnect with. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation partners can access address links derived from databases and credit activity information.

We gather our intelligence from open-source data or OSNIT and specialist industry only tracing data such as Credit Reference agency data.

We are the leading industry experts at tracing and locating people and obtaining supporting background information on an individual. If you have a case you would like to discuss with our expert investigation team please contact us.

Please note all investigations are fee per case to investigate the matter and are not any trace no fee - all investigations are also subject to our terms of service.

Family, Ex-partner & Friend tracing - consent option

We may under certain circumstances, for family, ex-partner, or friend tracing only, require consent from you and the subject of the search to release their data to you. We pre-obtain your consent on this order form and initiate this procedure automatically. We do this so that we may initiate this if appropriate without further contact with you.

This will be selected at the time of ordering when you request a family, ex-partner, or friend trace - we can then contact the subject of the trace to obtain consent for their details to be released to you. If the subject declines the fee is retained as we have traced the subject but they have declined release of their data.

We give the subject of the trace 3 options, Consent to release information to you, Consent to pass a letter on from you, or Decline. This action allows for compliance with GDPR for family or friend tracing.

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