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Current Trading Address Locator

Key Features:

  • Discloses the present trading address of a specified company
  • Notable success rate underscored by quality investigation
  • Utilizes both electronic and private investigative methods
  • Harnesses our powerful, exhaustive datasets
  • Investigation is led by seasoned experts for accurate results
  • Verifies and confirms data to ensure reliability
  • Exclusively serves the UK territory
  • Operates on a 'no trace, no fee' basis

How It Works:

Find UK People® is committed to offering an expeditious, effective, and compliant solution to locate the current trading address of a company in the UK. Our service is digitally accessible, featuring a user-friendly interface for ease of use and transparency.

Leveraging our vast datasets, we employ a combination of electronic and private investigative techniques. These resources and methods enable us to determine a company's current trading address with a high rate of success. This service provides a crucial tool for anyone needing to identify a company's operational location for a range of purposes, from legal proceedings to customer inquiries.

Our expert-led investigations guarantee that every search is conducted meticulously and diligently. We validate and cross-check every piece of information, resulting in the provision of verified and confirmed data. By doing so, we ensure the reliability and value of our services to all our clients.

The entire process is designed to be completed within 30 working days. However, most results are typically delivered via email within a 7 working day timeframe. In instances where cases are more complex or elusive, the timeline may extend up to 30 working days.


Our services operate on a 'no trace, no fee' principle. Where data is available, we strive to search all our accessible sources and report our findings accordingly. The fees are charged for the research process, irrespective of the search outcome. Please note that all prices quoted exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service. By procuring our services, you signify your agreement to this disclaimer and our standard terms of service.

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