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Trace Long Lost Family

This comprehensive service is designed to locate and trace up to five members of a close family unit with whom you have lost touch, providing multiple current address contact points to re-establish connections.

Service Features:

  • Current address provided for all traced family members
  • Search coverage includes the UK and the rest of the world
  • Ideal for extended family tracing
  • Incorporates electronic and advanced private investigation techniques
  • Expert investigator-led searches
  • Verified and confirmed data
  • Operates on a 'No trace, no fee' basis
  • Accepts any submitted data for investigation

How It Works:

Circumstances such as separation, disagreement, relocation abroad, divorce, or work commitments can disrupt family connections. When you decide to reconnect but don't know where to start, Find UK People® is here to assist. We work on a 'No trace, no fee' principle.

Find UK People® offers a swift, efficient, and compliant method to trace nationwide and international family members. Our user-friendly online system simplifies the process.

We supply the current address of the missing family members, validated by two separate information sources. This address is guaranteed to be current at the time the report is generated.

We underwrite this information for 30 days. Should you have any concerns about the accuracy of the data, we commit to rechecking the case for you.

Why Choose Us:

  • Accurate and verified people tracing
  • Rapid service
  • Reliable service levels
  • Online order tracking

Our goal is to help you reconnect with your long-lost family members with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.


All our tracing services operate under a "No Trace, No Fee" policy, while other services levy a fee per case, reflecting research time. Comprehensive details and terms can be found in our full terms of service. All prices across our website are exclusive of VAT.

Please note that family or friend traces necessitate explicit consent - other search options do not require any consent. Consent is sought by sending a letter to the traced individual containing the searcher's contact information. Post-dispatch, we do not provide further assistance - see terms of service

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