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New Partner Verification Service

Unveil the truth behind the façade with Find UK People®, your reliable partner in providing steadfast peace of mind. Our dedicated service is designed to validate the authenticity of new acquaintances, bringing to light what's genuine and what's not.


  • Trusted Verification: Confirms the identity of the subject, ensuring they are precisely who they claim to be.
  • Detect Cohabitation: Not only do we detect if the subject is living with someone else, but we also determine the duration of their cohabitation.
  • Romance Scam Prevention: Empowered by comprehensive databases, our system discerns potential fraudulent details commonly used in romance scams.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: In adherence to GDPR regulations, we limit our verification process to the supplied details, and no personal information is provided beyond what is shared with us.
  • Universal Data Acceptance: Our system can accept and verify any submitted data, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness.
  • Specific Use-Case: Ideal for conducting checks on new partners, ensuring the foundation of your relationship is built on trust and transparency.

How It Works:

Our New Partner Checking Service provides a speedy, effective, and lawful way to verify essential details of your prospective partner. With a profound grasp over multiple datasets, we can verify your supplied information against the available records. We will not only reveal discrepancies but also identify fraudulent information, instilling confidence and peace in your personal relationship journey.

The New Partner Intelligence Report, a practical tool offering insight into your partner's authenticity, discloses the realities of your partner's circumstances. It uncovers concealed aspects - financial and personal - that may influence your decision to enter into a relationship.

Please note, we only confirm the accuracy of the supplied information and will not share any personal data in compliance with GDPR regulations.


Please be advised that Find UK People® adheres strictly to data protection legislation in the UK. We are not authorised to access or provide bank account details, including numbers, sort codes, or account balances. We are also unable to access National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources. Any service claiming to offer such information is likely in breach of UK data protection regulations. Despite the verification outcome, please note that the service charge applies. You agree this service will only confirm a match for the persons name and date of birth against any address, telephone or email and seek to confirm any cohabitation indication data but does not supply any new data about the subject such as current address for GDPR compliance.

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