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Ownership Information Websites or Email

Discovering the true owners of websites or email addresses can provide valuable insights and assist in various scenarios. With our comprehensive service, you can obtain not only the owner's name but also their current address, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the individuals behind these digital platforms.

Our dedicated team at Find UK People® employs advanced techniques, utilizing electronic and private investigation methods, to trace the ownership information you seek. Leveraging our most powerful datasets and industry expertise, we ensure a high success rate in identifying and confirming the true owners of websites and email addresses.

Whether you need this information for legal purposes, due diligence, or simply to establish contact, our expert investigator-led search offers reliable and verified data, giving you the confidence you need in your pursuit.

We specialize in searching emails or websites exclusively, enabling us to focus our efforts on delivering accurate and relevant results. Our no trace no fee policy ensures that you only pay for successful outcomes, providing you with both peace of mind and cost-effectiveness.

When you choose our service, you can expect a thorough investigation that adheres to strict compliance standards. While we strive to deliver results promptly, within 7 working days, it's important to note that more complex or evasive cases may require up to 45 working days for completion. Rest assured, our team will work diligently to provide you with the information you seek, even in the most challenging circumstances.

How it works:

The process is simple and streamlined. Access our user-friendly online interface, enter the necessary details of the website or email address you want to investigate, and let our system handle the rest. Our efficient and compliant process ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to focus on utilizing the obtained information effectively.


At Find UK People®, we offer investigative services on an "if found" basis, where our fees cover the research time rather than the specific outcomes of the search. We strive to provide accurate and reliable reports; however, the contents may vary depending on individual circumstances and data availability.

Please note that our reports are based on third-party data sources and associated investigations. While we make every effort to accurately reflect the subject's status and asset ownership, there may be limitations due to the nature of the data.

To comply with UK data protection regulations, we are unable to supply personal data such as bank account details, National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources. Our commitment to privacy and confidentiality ensures that your search remains secure and confidential.

We strongly advise consulting with legal professionals or relevant experts to ensure a comprehensive understanding and interpretation of our reports. By purchasing our services, you signify your agreement to our terms of service and acknowledge the importance of independent professional advice.

Find UK People® is committed to delivering exceptional investigative services that meet your information needs with utmost professionalism and accuracy. Trust us to provide you with comprehensive ownership information for websites and email addresses, empowering you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

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