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Phone Ownership

Our service provides a reliable and efficient solution to unveil the current owners of mobile and landline phone numbers in the UK. With our extensive search capabilities, you can obtain the current owner's name and address, ensuring you have the essential information you need.

Why Choose Us:

Accurate Results: We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and up-to-date information, providing you with the confidence to make informed decisions.

No Trace, No Fee: Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that if we are unable to find the details you're seeking, you won't be charged.

Upgrade Option: Enhance your search with our upgrade option, enabling you to access multiple data sets for a more comprehensive investigation.

Full Refund Guarantee: If we are unable to provide any details for the phone number you've submitted, we offer a full and immediate refund.

Timely Results: While the service may take up to 30 working days to complete, our goal is to email you the results within 7 working days. Please note that more complex or evasive cases may require up to 45 working days for completion.

Important Information:

If you have additional information, such as an old address, name, or email, we recommend using our advanced address trace service for a more successful trace and accurate location of the subject. Click here to access this enhanced service.

How it Works:

Find UK People® offers a seamless and compliant process to trace the current address and ownership details of mobile and landline phone numbers. Simply provide us with the telephone number you want to investigate, and our system will search our extensive data sources to uncover the registered keeper's address or any other available details associated with the number.

Our user-friendly online interface ensures easy access to our service, allowing you to navigate through the process effortlessly.

Choose Find UK People® for accurate and reliable results in discovering the owners of mobile and landline phone numbers. Trust our expertise to uncover the truth you seek.


Where available, we search all the data sources we have available and report on our findings, people tracing services are always on a no trace no fee basis. All prices exclude VAT & subject to our standard terms of service

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