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Property Owner Location

The Property Owner Location Service, an essential offering by Find UK People®, delivers prompt, efficient, and compliant solutions to trace the owners of properties with whom you need to reestablish contact. Our sophisticated product, powered by proprietary technology and expert investigators, ensures you obtain the most accurate and up-to-date location data for property owners, regardless of their location in the UK or Europe.

Our service is presented via an intuitive online interface, accessible at your convenience. Combining electronic methods and private investigation techniques, we make full use of our potent datasets in the search for property owners. Each search led by our team of seasoned investigators yields verified and confirmed data, providing you with the assurance you need when tracing the owners of properties.

We are committed to delivering results. Service completion typically spans up to 30 business days; however, we endeavour to provide results within seven working days in the majority of cases. More complex or elusive cases may necessitate the full 30-day timeframe.

Our promise to you is encapsulated in our "No Trace, No Fee" policy. If we cannot find the data, you are not charged. We deploy all data sources at our disposal, ensuring a comprehensive report on our findings.

Please note: All quoted prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and are subject to our standard terms of service.

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