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Contacted Findukpeople.com searching for a friend,within an hour they sent me his address after I had been searching for some time without success .Cannot praise them enough.Would recommend 100 per cent.

Jeffrey | Oct 14, 2018

I would highly recommend, needed CCJ information, was quick and easy

Giovanni | Oct 22, 2018

This was the most amazing service we could have stumbled across, lots of other agencies came up but the fair price drew us in and we wern’t dissapointed! Very fast and accurate result for the price stated and also sensitive guidelines on how to proceed. Thank you again for providing that final piece of the jigsaw

Nancy | Oct 8, 2018

Fantastic quick service within 4 hours even though I had not paid for the speedy service. Hoping we shall be able to finally get repayment from a tenant who went awol 18 months ago. after causing a lot of damage.costing £10,000. thank you.

Jean Vranic | Aug 31, 2018

I cannot speak more highly of these people. Within 4 hours they had traced this person when other agencies had failed. Well done.

David Turner | Aug 31, 2018

Speedy and reliable response every time. Have been using the company for just over a year now and will continue to do so, highly recommended.

Dominic Zammit | Aug 30, 2018

WOW - What a brilliant service, so quick, so accurate, so grateful, Thanks again and I recommend you.

Gary Bell | Aug 23, 2018

I asked you to find someone with the scantest of information and within a few hours you had done it. A superb job well done and a very reasonable price. Thank you very much.

Mark Barrell | Jul 31, 2018

I have used the service twice, which is friendly, reliable, professional, very efficient and reasonably priced.

Farhat Ahmed | Jul 26, 2018

Excellent service, reliable, efficient and productive co-operation as well as friendly.

Alan | Jul 18, 2018

Fast, efficient, accurate, service. I sincerely hope I don't have to use this service again, but would do so without hesitation if the need arose.

John | Jul 9, 2018

Excellent prompt service. Good value.

David | Jun 21, 2018

I’ve used the company twice. Both times the details of new addresses arrived very quickly. I am extremely grateful for this service. I would highly recommend it to all.

Roger | Jun 20, 2018

Used on several occasions and found to be excellent at what they do. All results within the time specified. Won't hesitate to use again.

Ian Waterston | Jun 20, 2018

Very good, found the people I wanted to find, my son's mother and partner helped so, much would highly recommend it.

Terence | Jun 19, 2018

I received excellent service. They managed to find a contact for a friend that I had not heard from in decades. They are also very good at responding to e-mails! Highly recommended.

Valerie Sutherland | Jun 19, 2018

Never used before. Fantastic company and prompt service. Very professional over the phone. Did exactly as they said they would and turned it around very quickly. Would definitely recommend and use again if needed.

Joy Prior | Jun 19, 2018

This service is worth every penny spent, we were searching for a certain someone regarding child maintenance. The government couldn't help so we turned to this company. Within hours we had his address. Unbelievable, thank you.

Sean Kershaw | May 25, 2018

I completed your online form last night and I’ve got the results today. I’ve used your services before and you never disappoint. Keep up the good work!

Amazed Customer | May 24, 2018

This service was absolutely excellent. Extremely prompt and it gave us exactly the information we needed. James was extremely helpful on the telephone as well - so thank you James.

Mr & Mrs Bennett | May 22, 2018

I have searched for ages to find a friend, to no avail. But within 24 hours findUKpeople came up with a positive result. Worth every dollar spent, well done!

Graham | May 15, 2018

We are delighted with such a fast, simple and inexpensive result to our enquiry in less than a day.

Jean | May 14, 2018

Excellent service as always. Very quick turnaround.

Paul Daine | May 9, 2018

The service provided is always efficient and the results returned extremely quickly - if no trace is found, funds paid are refunded immediately - could not ask for a better service and would always recommend.

Beth | May 9, 2018

Used the service to attempt to trace a debtor. Amazing response time and worked for me, where others had failed. Would recommend them completely.

Robin Miller | May 8, 2018

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service.

Raymond Bradley | May 8, 2018

Wow wow wow! Submitted an enquiry at 11am today result received at 4pm even though I paid the minimum amount for the trace to be completed in 3 to 10 days. Fantastic service thank you!

Jayne Evans | May 7, 2018

Wow! Placed order on Monday had a result the next day, it's the first time I have used this company and I must say I would highly recommend them. Kept up to date at all times, easy to use and the price is brilliant. Would be using again.

Paul Smith | May 1, 2018

An excellent service at a reasonable price. I had been trying to locate people in the USA and Canada for a couple of months with no success. Findukpeople managed to find them all in 7 days despite being supplied with very limited information and the people concerned having changed addresses.

Brian Bonner | Apr 26, 2018

Excellent service. So quick and enabled me to make a sensible decision about purchase of leasehold flat with missing freeholder. Thank you so much.

Chris Richardson | Apr 23, 2018

An excellent service. Sensitive and personal understanding to my case. Would highly recommend.

Helena Turner | Apr 13, 2018

Excellent service! Have used many times for our business and will continue to do so.

Emily | Apr 10, 2018

Very quick turn around, even for individuals who are tricky to find. Very satisfied!

Hugo H | Apr 5, 2018

Incredible that this company found my friend, who had moved a few times. It would have been almost impossible to find him by myself. Contact was made in less than two days, and I have been able to visit and talk over old times. Thank you.

Mavis Turton | Mar 14, 2018

I have used this service twice to find bad debtors, the results were good & quick. I am now going to again.

Geoff Hayden | Mar 12, 2018

Absolutely amazing service! Got a positive address result in less than 8 hours and on the same day. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you so much and you are now my No. 1 choice for tracing services in the future.

Prakash Tanna | Mar 5, 2018

Many thanks to the team at FindUkpeople for a quick and efficient location of a long lost relative. Highly recommend this service. Could not have made contact without you.

Andrew Kieran | Mar 5, 2018

Great, fast service would definitely use again if required, thank you!

Smith | Feb 28, 2018

Very easy and quick way to trace some one. I am impressed. Thank you. It saved us time and money.

Amir | Feb 28, 2018

I cannot praise this company highly enough. They found the person I was looking for in about 36 hours, which is wonderful.

Mavis | Feb 13, 2018

1st time I have used this company. Very impressed. Easy log on and then results in 24 hours. Excellent service.

Gareth Chesire | Feb 13, 2018

I have just used findukpeople for the first time. Placed my order on line, which in itself was a very simple and easy to use process, and received the positive result the same afternoon. Very impressed and will definitely use you again. Many thanks.

Rob Watson | Feb 7, 2018

Thanks a million. Everything I needed in a few hours. Helping me with a very sensitive task!

Pam Donaldson | Feb 6, 2018

A fast & efficient service to which I have now used twice & I would highly recommend without hesitation!

Anon | Jan 27, 2018

WOW!! 24hrs after order placed and the 100% positive result came through! I am overwhelmed at the information I received I could only provide previous address and I received more information than I already knew! I will definitely use this service again should I need it. If you are contemplating using findukpeople I would say 100% do it. Thank you guys, much appreciated.

Tracey K | Jan 26, 2018

Wow, very impressed. Positive results in less than 24 hours at a very competitive cost.

Osman Aryne | Jan 25, 2018

I needed assistance in tracking down an ex-tenant who had moved out and left their possessions behind. I wanted to send a formal letter asking them to remove their belongings. I called first and the help provided was very useful and very friendly. Following my submission, the turnaround was very fast and gave me exactly what I needed.

Another Happy Customer | Jan 24, 2018

I have tried other tracing agents, who have been unable to find the debtor I wanted to find, they gave up and returned my fee after 3months. FindUKpeople got me an address and financial details of the debtor within 24 hours. Speedy and accurate, at a reasonable price.

James | Jan 17, 2018

Super service. Results next day. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

Adrian Dart | Jan 16, 2018

Following a very helpful call to findukpeople.com to discuss a potentially complicated trace based on information from more than 40 years ago, I completed the online form attaching detailed instructions yesterday afternoon. Before start of business today I received a well presented report setting out all the information I required. An excellent service.

Neil Aitken | Jan 16, 2018

Got the address of a debtor in under 24 hours, great service! Many thanks!

Will | Jan 15, 2018

Your company quickly traced the person I was looking for - in the most unlikely place! Excellent service and value for money.

A Happy Customer | Jan 14, 2018

Amazed with the service. I requested an impossible search where another company had failed. I have not seen or heard from the person I was seeking for over 50 years. He disappeared from his family 20 years ago and no family knew of his whereabouts. Within 3 days Findukpeople.com had traced his exact address in the Philippines. Great work!

Patricia | Jan 12, 2018

Excellent service from these guys. The platform to submit your information is simple and the turnaround time surpassed my expectations. Can’t recommend them enough.

Tudor Fox | Jan 11, 2018

We sent through our first trace yesterday and we have already received the report back which came back positive. We will now be sending through more! Great service and would highly recommend.

Emily | Jan 9, 2018

This is an excellent service. I have used them three times now and they are remarkably fast at performing traces and much less expensive than many other companies. Highly recommended.

Wendy | Jan 9, 2018

Excellent service, very satisfied would recommend this company for all traces.

John | Jan 3, 2018

Very fast and reliable address and asset tracing services. I frequently recommend FindUKPeople to clients.

Laura Rowley | Jan 2, 2018

A fast and reliable trace service. A fully contactable and personal service which I'd recommend without hesitation.

David | Dec 28, 2017

Very good service. I'd recommend to everyone in need of fast, reliable traces.

Stan | Dec 28, 2017

Very fast service. Recommended.

Ian Kelly | Dec 18, 2017

They found my trace, at a great price, in two hours flat ! What a great service.

Earl of Cardigan | Dec 14, 2017

Result within 6 hours (I did upgrade for the 24 hour search) Very quick and impressed. Would definitely recommend this firm.

Steve | Dec 17, 2017

We have used FindUKPeople as our sole trace agent and so far they have always provided us with a positive result in a matter of hours. It is a small price to pay in order to gain any outstanding rent that tenants have in the portfolio of properties we own and manage.

Urban London Developments | Dec 5, 2017

Crikey, that was quick. Next day result. Two of your competitors could not find the person within 14 days and were never heard from again. Will recommend. Thank you.

James Paulger | Dec 5, 2017

Excellent service! Very professional and really great price. I would be happy to recommend them.

Abby | Dec 4, 2017

After weeks of stress and the unnecessary use of a solicitor I went on the website and saw this service. I was reluctant to try it but took the opportunity. WOW what an amazing result absolutely brilliant, quick response and has now given me peace of mind and I will now be able to sleep thank you.

Mr Dalbir Janagal | Dec 1, 2017

Fast and efficient, they do what they say and have a sensitive approach. Would very happily recommend them.

Glyn Colquhoun | Nov 28, 2017

Quick, efficient and surpassed my expectations.

Sandy | Nov 28, 2017

Fabulous quick service. Very reasonable price indeed. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you so much.

Peter Blundell | Nov 28, 2017

A quick and easy service. Will use again.

Jack | Nov 28, 2017

Great service and completed 2 traces for me. Confirmed one already so can start court proceeding and the other is 95% correct I believe. Could do with offering discount to members of the NLA, Armed forces or if you make multiple purchases.

Max Robson | Nov 23, 2017

Fantastic service trace confirmed in just one day.

Anonymous | Nov 22, 2017

Fast and efficient. Would highly recommend this company's service. Thank you so much.

Janet Anderson | Nov 22, 2017

We’ve had an amazing service, I lost contact with my brother 30 years ago so I contacted find uk people and within a couple of days, I’ve spoken to my brother and I am arranging to meet him soon. I can’t thank them enough for helping me reconnect with my long lost family. Thank you!

Wayne | Nov 19, 2017