5 tips for tracing friends or family in the uk

Tracing family and friends

Tracing family and friends

Here are our five tips for tracing family or friends in the UK, important information points to start your family tracing search.

  • Full name – when tracing old friends in the UK it is far better to have a full name including any middle name as this will narrow down the possible matches found by a professional tracing agent.
  • Date of birth – a date of birth will help to isolate further any possible matches with the supplied name, asking friends and family if they can remember and even if it is a year and month this can help any trace agent with finding the correct individual.
  • Contact points – the more contact points the better, such as telephone numbers or email addresses, a tracing agent will not use these to make contact but rather reverse search these to provide historic address data to have a foundation to work forward with.
  • Workplace – a workplace can be an invaluable source of information and the more details the better
  • Friends and family – giving friends and family details will help in the search for the individual as they give further information contact points for the investigation


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