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People Tracer an Introduction

You might ask what is a people tracer or how might a people tracer service help you?

Well, a people tracer is someone who looks and locates other people, normally locating their current address as a deliverable. Sometimes a people tracer will also seek other information data points such as the following for finding people UK

A people tracer, also known as a tracing agent, is a professional who specialises in finding someone’s address in the UK. Their primary job is to locate individuals who have gone missing or cannot be found through conventional means. Tracing agents use a variety of tools and techniques to locate people, including online databases, public records, Database Address finders and interviews with family members, friends, and acquaintances.


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Tracing agents may work for private individuals, businesses, law firms, or government agencies. Their services are often required in cases such as locating missing persons, tracking down debtors, serving legal documents, or reuniting long-lost family members. They have the expertise and resources to locate people quickly and efficiently, often within a matter of days.

Tracing agents are skilled in using advanced search techniques, such as skip tracing, which involves searching for people who have deliberately tried to conceal their whereabouts. They may also use surveillance and investigative techniques to gather information on the person’s whereabouts and movements.

Overall, a people tracer in the UK plays a vital role in locating missing individuals and reuniting families. They use their knowledge, skills, and resources to find people who cannot be found through conventional means, providing peace of mind for those who have lost touch with loved ones or need to locate someone for legal or financial reasons.

People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk

What a people tracer can obtain

  • A current address
  • A telephone number
  • An email address
  • A relatives details
  • Financial background information
  • Co habitats at an address


Other names for a people tracer


People search companies will in some countries need to be licensed to operate and to access their specialist data sets. In the U.K. a people tracer must be registered with the ICO – Information Commissionaires Office as a requirement which can be checked with the ICO.  One can view this current licensing with the ICO directly on their website. This action will confirm that the people tracer has this licensing before any engagement.

There are many people tracers and private investigators who trace people in the UK and the latest estimates including all variations of people tracers such as private investigators, debt collection who also trace people, and solicitors who have an internal people tracer function number over 10,000 in the UK alone.


How a people tracer works

People tracers will leverage data sets in 2021 to help locate a person to a current address. A people tracer will use a combination of open source data such as the following (the list not being exhaustive but for example purposes)


Open-source data

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Electoral roll
  • Google searches
  • Companies house


Licensed data sources

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Transunion
  • Tracesmart
  • GB Group
  • BT Osis
  • Halo data


People tracer data works best in a “combination environment” where different sources can be layered and compared to filter off the results. This practice gives an enhanced people tracing environment which is why it can be important to instruct a larger more robust people tracer agency who specialises in people tracing.

There are numerous people tracers in the UK and many are small agencies with access to one data source because of their internal cost limitations.  This results in lower tracing success rates with less accurate people tracer results. 

Many people tracers will work on a no find no fee basis and others will charge an upfront non-refundable search fee. We would suggest that it is best practice to only use a contingent or no trace no fee people tracing agent who is then incentivized to locate the person or they will not be paid for their search.


Paying someone to not find the person seems to really be counter productive.



People Tracer fees

People tracer fee’s in the UK vary wildly starting at suspiciously low fees of around £25 for a basic search to exorbitant fees of over £1000 per search. As with most things in life a middle-of-the-road approach can get the best value and return. Going too cheap and you get what you pay for and possibly the wrong or inaccurate information, go too expensive and you get not a great deal more for the money you have paid.

We find the Find UK People®’s approach a fair practice which is a relatively low fee starting at £45 plus vat and backed up with a contingent no find no fee policy. The aim with 99% of cases is they are completed in just 24 hours.

When you compare this to other people tracer agents they take 30-60 days to return your results, will charge a negative no trace fee and some fees are over £1000 per search.


There really is no comparison with the Find UK People® service provision.



Why do people need people tracers?

People need people tracers in the UK as many people move house or try to avoid detection for example because of outstanding debt.

Here are some key numbers that demonstrate the scale of the problem


  • The number of people moving home an estimated 370,300 in the last year
  • Average British homeowners will move house every 23 years
  • People move house roughly two times after their first purchase
  • 95,000 UK movers that moved house with Compare My Move during 2019
  • Britons owe a total of £72.5bn on credit cards
  • Each household in the UK now has an average of £2,688 unpaid on credit cards
  • When personal loans are added in, each UK household has almost £8,000 of outstanding consumer credit


To also consider are the people managing probate for a will who need to locate named beneficiaries of a will by using a people tracer service and people who want to reconnect with long-lost friends or family members.  


Demand for a people tracer service is at an all time high especially for an effective people tracer solution.



Things to look for in a people tracer

You need to make sure any people tracing agency has at least the following features


  • Registered with the ICO – required or do not engage
  • Professional indemnity insurance – a must just in case
  • No trace no fee on their people tracer services – required or walk away
  • Dedicated to tracing people – not a jack of all trades
  • Watch out for any hidden fees – look in terms of service
  • Make sure they have numerous (over 100) independent testimonials such as on Trustpilot
  • Fast 24-hour turnaround of cases
  • Secure encrypted systems for holding any data – make sure the website is SSL protected otherwise do not use it
  • Contactable by telephone to enquire on any case


Make sure the website is up to date and professional, if it looks like it was not professional made what else is not up to par? It is a first and simple step that any company that presents a weak website that looks like it was homemade probably is cutting other corners and will not deliver a great end product e.g. trace the incorrect people at the incorrect address or an old outdated address!


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Use any known details and locate anyones current address – this service works Worldwide on a no find no fee basis!

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Recommended people tracer

Our recommendation for a fast and efficient people tracing service is Find UK People® – with numerous recommendations, no find no fee and reasonable fee’s for a comprehensive and successful people trace.

Find UK People® is a dedicated people tracing service that only provide people tracing services and are highly experienced in this field of investigation. Most people tracing cases are completed in just 24 hours and always on a no find no fee basis, the current success rate is 98% for finding people’s current address in the UK.

Find UK People® have extensive testimonials with a 5* rating on most reviews on third-party verified sites such as Trustpilot which gives a level of confidence from past customer experiences.

People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk

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