How to trace a person

How to trace a person

This article will discuss how to trace a person, reasons why you may want to trace a person, and what information you need to trace or find a person.

Are you trying to find someone in the UK? When someone is unable to be reached, either by telephone, post, or email, it can be difficult to know how to get into contact with them, especially if they aren’t at home or places you’d usually find them. So what do you do when you can’t get in touch with anyone? People tracing is available in the UK, and it can be performed for a variety of reasons, some of which we will talk about today.

If you’re trying to get in touch with someone – for whatever reason – then you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to find out why you’d trace a person, and how you can go about it.

People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk

Why you might want to trace a person

Someone has gone missing unexpectedly

One of the main reasons people look at people tracing is when they’ve gone missing unexpectedly, but there’s no evidence to suggest there’s any danger. Perhaps they simply stopped showing up to work, their property has been cleared and they’re no longer around. This can be very distressing for those that care about them, and is a very valid reason for wanting to find the missing person.

Many of our people tracing searches are for missing persons or where someone has just not been in touch for a period of time outside of the norm. Find UK People offer a fast 24-hour people location service that will locate a person’s whereabouts and confirm recent activity data at the address which goes some way to providing peace of mind.


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You need to deliver news

It’s not unusual for people to lose touch, and if you’ve got family or friends that live hundreds of miles away, you’d probably only keep in touch via phone call or text. However, if their phone number has changed and you need to deliver news, it can be difficult to know how to contact them, especially if you don’t have an address. Using a people finder service can help find them to put you into contact.

The Find UK People telephone tracing service will locate an active contact number for the person of interest in a short 24 hour period. Importantly our service will check and verify that the supplied telephone number is in the subject name and is active and current.


Inheritance tracing

You may be looking to find a beneficiary for inheritance but you have no idea where they could be. People tracing can use an array of different methods to help find them to accept their inheritance.

During probate having a fast hands-off service that will locate all the beneficiaries of a will in a short period of time is vital and allows the administrator of the Will to concentrate on other matters within the probate. Learn more about beneficiary tracing.


Someone owes you money

Money owing can be a massive problem if the person that owes you money cannot be contacted because if you’re trying to settle the issue through a small claims court, you’ll need the contact details for both parties. Using a people tracing service will help track a debtor down so that you can claim the money you’re owed.  

Debtor tracing is very different from other forms of tracing as sometimes the debtor is using evasive tactics to avoid contact by creditors and this is where an experienced debtor tracing service is invaluable. This article expands further on our debtor tracing services.


Tracing birth parents

Another reason people tracing is used is to find birth parents. Some people find out later in life that they have birth parents that are still alive, and they may want to get in contact with them either for personal or medical reasons.

An experienced family tracing service is the best way to locate the correct named individuals that you are searching for and to enable a compliant search in line with current GDPR requirements. Our family tracing service will obtain consent in a compliant manner to allow you the Peace of mind that the search has been conducted in a legally compliant process. Find further information on family tracing.


Searching for a witness

If you’ve been in an accident or you’re being accused of something that you’re not guilty of, then you can use a people tracing service to track down witnesses at the scene of the crime or accident. Even with little information such as a name or an email address, people tracing services can find people and put you into contact with them.

We always work on a no trace no fee basis for people tracing cases of this nature which means that the risk is minimal as we only charge for a successful trace of the party you are looking for.


A contract is not fulfilled

Whether you’ve had some work done on your home, or you’re in business with someone, if they haven’t fulfilled their side of the contract and have disappeared suddenly, a people tracing service can help you find them.

Our service is no trace no fee and will help you reconnect with a builder who has disappeared with funds for example.


Serving papers

If you need to serve someone papers such as divorce papers and you realize you’ve been given a false address, there are a number of other people tracing methods that can be used to track them down so that you can serve your papers. Learn more about process service.



How it works

There are a number of reasons as to why you might want to trace someone, and these are to just name a few. Interested in finding out how we go about helping you track down people?

Here’s a detailed guide on our process so you understand what we can offer and what we will do to help put you in touch.


How to trace a person

This section will talk about how to trace a person, with tips and advice on what information is useful to trace a person in the U.K. Tracing people in the UK is best left to a professional tracing agent but there are many things one can provide that will help a trace agent to locate someone in the UK.


Full name

Providing a full name including a middle name will help to narrow the possible matches especially when layered with other information points if you do not know a middle name then an initial will also help. The other part of the name that helps is providing any maiden names and parent’s names.

Previous address

Previous address data is very important for any trace agent, as this provides a starting point to link to the present day. Credit reference agency data will allow a trace agent to link from the previous address to the present day with ease. The more previous addresses supplied the better the trace agent´s chances, as it gives multiple chances to trace forward.


Date of birth

Date of birth is a very important data point as it starts to provide the unique key to an individual, for example, there will be thousands of John Smith´s but only a few or one John smith born on 17-07-1987. This also helps to start to make sure the traced subject is indeed the correct subject.


Telephone numbers

Any telephone number is very useful as it will be able to be reverse searched and provide a linked address for further investigation. Telephone numbers are of use even if disconnected and not in use currently as the systems tracing agents used will be powerful enough to historically search.


Email addresses

Email details are useful, as again, they can be reverse searched for linked address data. Find UK People offer a fast service to locate and reverse search an email or telephone number.


Websites owned by the subject

These are useful data points, as we can search information which is on the website and also which was supplied when the website was set up, this can sometimes give us the key data point to enable a positive trace.

Really the key takeaway is that the more information provided the better as tracing works on tracking and investigating data points and linking those data points to the subject and the present day.


Tracing a Person Explained

This next section will explain how to Trace a Person in the UK. Tracing people in the UK is no mean feat. Whether you need to find a friend or family member who you have lost touch with, or whether you want to locate someone who owes you money, knowing how to trace a person is an art in its own right.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the steps that you can take a locate a person in the United Kingdom yourself, and also at the alternative options that you could use to make the process easier and quicker.


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How To Trace A Person

If you need a find a person for any reason in the UK, you’re going to need some key pieces of information.

First, you’re going to need to gather as many details about the individual as possible including: their name (and any married names or nicknames they’ve ever used), their age and date of birth, any addresses that they’ve lived at in the past or present.

You should also gather information like whether or not they are married (and the name of their spouse if applicable), whether they have children (and if so, their names and ages), their employment details, any email addresses or telephone numbers, and the details of any family members. Having as many of these details as possible to hand will help to facilitate the search.

Once you have as much information on the individual as possible, you’re ready to begin your search. You can start by using a Google search to see if they pop up. You can also check them out on various social media platforms, and if you can’t find the individual themselves, you may be able to find one of their relatives or friends. The Electoral roll is another useful source to check, and if the individual has an involvement with a limited company, you could try checking them out at Companies House.

If you suspect that the individual has passed away, you may need to check out Probate and Wills as they can help you to confirm the death. A will may hold an up-to-date address for any of the beneficiaries too, so if you’re looking for an individual with a close relative who has recently died, this could also be an option for you. Of course, you would need to send off to obtain a copy of the will in order to determine whether or not the name of the person you are trying to locate is mentioned.

Needless to say, this can all be quite time-consuming, stressful, and can be very difficult to achieve, especially if the individual in question is keen to stay under the radar for any reason.



Things To Remember When Tracing A Person

One of the most important things to remember if you need to find a person in the UK is that you need to take care to remain compliant with the law. There are many different pieces of legislation relating to tracing an individual, and you need to be sure that you are operating within those laws and requirements so that the individual’s rights can be properly protected. It can be very easy to overlook this compliance requirement as an independent individual who is trying to locate a person, and this could lead to problems in the future.



How To Trace People Successfully

The best way to trace people successfully is to use a professional people tracing agency. With highly skilled and well-trained agents working on your behalf to locate the individual you need to find, you can be confident that they’ll be located for you in no time.

Tracing people successfully requires a lot of expertise and, in many cases, accesses to files and databases that are simply not available to the general public. A people tracing agent will have access to those files and databases, and so will be in the best position to rapidly and efficiently find the individual in question.

A specialist tracing agent can analyse all of the available information and confirm the subject’s address. By cross-referencing all of the details and all of the datasets they have access to, they can be certain that they have found the correct person before returning the details to you.

It’s actually very quick and simple to trace a person when you use a specialist people tracing agency. All you need to do is get in touch, complete a short form, and make payment. You’ll usually receive the results of your trace within as little as 24 hours, and almost always within a seven-day period.



Why Us

If you’re looking for the best specialist people tracing agency to use to locate a person in the UK, Find UK People should be your number one choice. As experts in the field, they provide a fully compliant, efficient, and rapid tracing service so that a current address for the individual you need to find can be determined.

Find UK People is a top choice because it offers its services on a “no trace no fee” basis, and many results are returned within just 24 hours. The agency’s investigators also have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the industry, having been operating cumulatively for more than a quarter of a century. It’s no wonder, then, that Find UK People has such an unrivalled rate of success, which currently stands at 98% for locating people within the UK.

The dedicated team is leading the way in the UK with access to an array of third-party and internal people tracing data systems that are considerably more expansive than those that are used by most other similar organisations.

Even better, Find UK People offers a guarantee for your complete peace of mind. The Information Retrace guarantee ensures that Find UK People will recheck any information that they have supplied, and any refunds that are required due to a negative status being received will be received immediately. Since their service guarantee is also underwritten with payment protection, you can also enjoy complete confidence in the protection of your purchase.


Trace a Person

There are over 2.6 million people that move house each year in the UK and there are many that we will need to reconnect with for various reasons from losing touch with friends and family to trying to locate a debtor who has moved house and not informed any of their creditors.

There are many solutions for tracing people in the UK but only a handful, which, are fast and accurate. Many of the subscription-based tracing services run off the electoral roll databases and that does not normally provide for an accurate tracing service for several reasons:

  • The data is normally historic and out of date.
  • The service is not verified by an alternative source to confirm the result.

This provides for an inaccurate service and you are normally paying for potentially an inaccurate service for tracing people in the UK.

There is a solution though which is offered by

Find UK People® offers a confirmed trace a person service, which, runs of many datasets, which, are far more powerful than the electoral roll data and is specific for tracing people in the UK. This service has a 98% success rate for finding and tracing people in the UK and returns a result in just 24 hours.

The trace a person service by Find UK People® can also give the following information points


  • Identify your subjects Address and telephone numbers
  • Identify the Credit background of a subject
  • Identify Property ownership
  • Identify Mobile phone ownership


Find UK People® has traced a person industry experts who have been involved with the people tracing industry in the UK for the last decade and are leading the industry with access to some of the most powerful trace-a-person datasets in the UK.

Find UK People® is a specialist people tracing agency that have a very high success rate at tracing and locating people across the Globe. This is down to our unrivaled data access and highly experienced people tracing investigators. We have significantly invested in our live tracing database technology, which is finding 98% of people we are instructed on in the UK within just 24 hours of instruction, this further complements our team of expert tracing agents. All people tracing is performed on a no trace no fee basis for your peace of mind.

Find UK People® has an unrivaled 98% success rate at locating people in the UK. Our people tracing results are delivered in just 24 hours which is not the industry standard tracing turnaround of 30 days. The difference in tracing service levels when compared are very apparent.



Ideas to Find a Person

Do you need to find a person in the UK?

Tracing people in the UK can be helped by using the correct information points which will assist any trace agent to locate and confirm the correct subject.

We list here 10 information points to help trace people in the UK


  • Full name – might be obvious but using a full name can help when a middle name is included.
  • Date of birth – this can be a lynchpin when combined with a full name and normally will result in one match in the UK for further confirmation.
  • Last address – this helps any trace agent to link from this address through to the current day and normally allows for easy linking using CRA – credit agency data
  • Mobile number – this can help to reverse search and provide the registered keeper’s address.
  • Landline numbers – this can help to reverse search and provide the registered bill payer’s address.
  • Business details – this can help as information points to reverse search and provide links to residential addresses.
  • Partners name – this can give alternative information point to search as some subjects may “Go dark” and use a partner for all applications for credit and bill paying.
  • Website addresses – this can be reverse searched and sometimes will give a residential address when the site was set up.
  • Social profiles – these can be a mine of information points if the security settings have allowed the information to remain in the public domain and searchable.
  • Email addresses – these can be reverse traced and provide linked information to research.


For help with any people tracing cases in the UK Find UK People® can provide a tracing service in just 24 hours and it is always no trace no fee.

Find UK People® provides a rapid, efficient, and compliant means to trace nationwide debtors or other individuals you need to reconnect with. Accessible online, the people tracing system offers an easy-to-use interface. Our investigation and inquiry tracing partners can access address links derived from tracing agency databases and credit activity information.


Learn how we can help you trace a person

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People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk

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