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How to trace a person

How to trace a person

Learn how to trace a person with this article. Tracing people in the UK is best left to a professional tracing agent but there are many things one can provide that will help a trace agent to locate someone in the UK.

Full name

Providing a full name including a middle name will help to narrow the possible matches especially when layered with other information points if you do not know a middle name then an initial will also help. The other part of the name that helps is providing any maiden names and parents names.

Previous address

Previous address data is very important for any trace agent, as this provides a starting point to link to the present day. Credit reference agency data will allow a trace agent to link from the previous address to the present day with ease. The more previous addresses supplied the better the trace agent´s chances, as it gives multiple chances to trace forward.

Date of birth

Date of birth is a very important data point as it starts to provide the unique key to an individual, for example there will be thousands of John Smith´s but only a few or one John smith born on 17-07-1987. This also helps to start to make sure the traced subject is indeed the correct subject.

Tel numbers

Any telephone number is very useful as it will be able to be reverse searched and provide a linked address for further investigation. Telephone numbers are of use even if disconnected and not in use currently as the systems tracing agents use will be powerful enough to historically search.

Email addresses

Email details are useful, as again, they can be reverse searched for linked address data.


Websites owned or run by the subject

These are useful data points, as we can search information which is on the website and also which was supplied when the website was setup, this can sometimes give us the key data point to enable a positive trace.

Really the key takeaway is that the more information provided the better as tracing works on tracking and investigating data points and linking those data points to the subject and the present day.


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