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Who owns this mobile number

Who Owns this Mobile Number

Do you need to know who Owns this Mobile Number?  Tracing the owner of a mobile phone in the UK is something that only a specialist mobile tracing agent can provide who has access to specialist datasets, which, hold phone number reversal details which would include the name and address of the current owner of the number.

There are many reasons one would want to reverse search a mobile number including:

  • Malicious calls from a number
  • It’s the only contact point you have
  • A supplier who owes you money
  • An old friend or colleague you want to reconnect with

In the UK there are two types of mobile number one is Pay as you go which when bought can be unregistered but our expert data systems will also access consented data such as Insurance application and Rental data where we can match the supplied number to an associated address and then verify utilizing alternative number matching technology.

Then there are contract phones, which are registered in the user’s name and address and normally these details are more transparent and straightforward to obtain.

Find UK People® has extensive experience at reverse searching mobile numbers and normally are able to locate the name and current address for any number owner in the UK. All of the mobile phone reverse search services are no trace no fee and are completed in just 24 hours from instruction.

There is really only one option in the UK to know who owns a mobile number, which, is to utilize the expert mobile tracing service from Find UK People®

We will provide you with the full name and current address of the person who is shown as using the telephone number.

All of our mobile reverse search telephone tracing services are offered on a no trace no fee basis, just place your initial order with us and we will investigate the matter.

This mobile tracking service can help with the following situations when you need to know who owns this mobile number…


  • Threatening Calls to your mobile
  • Threatening Text messages
  • Who is your partner is calling 
  • Why has someone been texting my partner
  • Who’s been making nuisance calls to my phone


We will provide you with the current address of the mobile number owner which will have been verified via two separate information sources and is guaranteed to be a current address for the associated mobile telephone number supplied on the date the report is generated. We underwrite this information for 7 days, so in the event, you feel the information is incorrect we will recheck the case for you.


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Discover who owns a mobile number

Get financial background information

Verify any persons current address

Obtain pre-litigation information



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