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Locating an Individual’s Residence

This article offers insights on strategies for locating an individual’s address in the UK, discussing useful tips on how to ascertain the current residence of someone in the UK.

Unearthing someone’s current and correct address in the UK can be a challenging endeavor. There exist numerous methods to discover an individual’s address, but only a select few resources can assure the accuracy of a home address in the UK.

In this piece, we will explore how to track down and validate someone’s home address, ensuring it is the current and correct residence of the person you are seeking


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Understanding the Moving Landscape

In 2023, the number of individuals moving homes in the UK has seen a significant uptick, reaching an estimated 480,000 individuals. However, this number is still 27% below the apex of 653,700 recorded in 2007. The South East of England remains the area with the most residential mobility, boasting 85,000 home movers, followed by the South West of England with 35,000 individuals changing homes.

This wave of home movement is propelled by attractive mortgage rates, varying employment opportunities in different regions, a robust demand for homes, and enticing incentives for first-time buyers entering the housing market.

With half a million people changing residences annually, it’s not surprising that many are seeking updated address information for various reasons, be it tracing a previous tenant, reuniting with estranged family members, or other purposes – Start a search


Motives for Locating Someone’s Address

People may need to locate someone’s address for a plethora of reasons, encompassing the following scenarios:


Debtor Tracing

Locating the current address of a debtor in the UK is crucial for initiating any intended court action against the person indebted to you. Courts require the defendant’s current address to issue any proceedings – Start a search


Reconnecting with Family

Families sometimes lose contact, and there may be a desire to reconnect after many years. In such cases, details about the person sought can be sparse, often limited to just a name and age – Start a search


Former Tenant Tracing

At the end of a tenancy, there may be outstanding rent or damage excess to recover, or conversely, a deposit to return to the tenant who has moved on. Landlords often need to engage a tracing agent to locate the tenant’s new address – Start a search


Locating a Beneficiary

Executors of wills may need to find beneficiaries whose addresses listed in the will are outdated, incorrect, or unreachable for some reason – Start a search


Absent Freeholder Tracing

Leaseholders wishing to negotiate the purchase of freehold or initiate building maintenance may need to locate an absent freeholder – Start a search


Pension Fund Member Tracing

Pension fund members often fail to update their current address with their pension funds. These funds have a duty to locate the members to resolve any outstanding issues, including payment of the due pension – Start a search


Former Employee Tracing

There are instances when employers need to locate former employees due to misallocation of salary payments or for other reasons that require contact – Start a search


Reconnecting with a Past Love

Some individuals may wish to reconnect with a former romantic partner or friend, reminiscing and discussing past experiences – Start a search


Finding a Former Colleague

Friends who haven’t seen each other in many years may wish to reconnect. Sometimes, people lose touch due to circumstances and the passage of time, and they may desire to reconnect – Start a search



A Guide to Tracing an Individual’s Address

Effective Strategies to Find Someone’s Address

Tracing and locating someone’s address can be a challenging and time-consuming task. While there are numerous online versions of the Electoral Roll data, it’s important to note that this information is always historical and does not reflect real-time data. This is where the expertise of tracing agents, with access to credit agency data from providers like Equifax, comes into play.

Tracing agents or enquiry agents have access to specialized, industry-only data to locate individuals. An agency such as Find UK People® can locate most individuals within 24 hours on a no-trace-no-fee basis, starting at a reasonable cost of just £45.00 plus VAT. This small fee can save you months of research and uncertainty, ensuring you locate the correct person efficiently and accurately – Start a search


Understanding the Role of a Tracing Agent

A tracing agent is a private investigator specializing in tracing and locating people. They have access to credit agency data, such as those from Experian or Equifax, which enhances the accuracy of the people-locating process. These data sets, available under certain conditions, are highly accurate in locating individuals in the UK.

Most UK tracing agents offer a no-find-no-fee policy, and some provide rapid, same-day turnaround services. However, be wary of smaller tracing agents in the UK; they may not have access to multiple data layers due to insufficient turnover, limiting their success rate and potentially increasing their recheck rate on provided address traces.

For more information, read our full article on “What is a Tracing Agent.”


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Confirming the Validity of a Supplied Address

  1. Send a Signed Letter: Checking who signs for the letter at the supplied address can sometimes confirm the resident.
  2. Visit the Address: This can be done either by sending an inquiry agent or visiting yourself, always considering safety precautions.
  3. Use a Process Server: For the service of legal documents or other significant documents, a professional process server can serve the subject at the supplied address. This approach is particularly useful when dealing with elusive individuals, such as in debt-related matters.


Costs Associated with Locating Someone’s Address

The most accurate way to locate someone in the UK is by using a registered tracing agent who specializes in finding people who have moved house. Costs typically range from £45 to £200 and should always be on a no-trace-no-fee basis. Be wary of services that offer substantially cheaper rates, as they may have limited data sets and verification capabilities, which can impact the accuracy of the results – Start a search


Essential Information for Tracing Someone’s Address

There are five key pieces of information required to find and trace someone’s address in the UK using search tools and public records. Not all these details are necessary, but they are beneficial when instructing a tracing agency.

  1. Name: While it might seem obvious, there are instances where someone wants to reconnect but does not have the correct name. In some cases, it’s possible to trace someone without a name if you have another piece of information, like an address.
  2. Old Address: This is particularly useful when dealing with common names. Once the correct individual is identified, agents can use data to link old addresses to the current address.
  3. Date of Birth: This piece of information is crucial for eliminating incorrect matches by identifying the exact person.
  4. Partner’s Name: This can help identify a match who resides with the same partner at a new address, particularly useful in cases where the subject is attempting to evade tracing.
  5. Telephone Number: Phone numbers can be reversed to show the owner’s name and old address, extracting unknown information.



Discovering Someone’s Whereabouts

Why Rely on a Professional Tracing Agent

Locating someone in the UK is a task best assigned to a professional tracing agent if accuracy is your prime concern. The public typically resorts to the electoral roll for tracing data. However, this source may prove inadequate due to outdated information or people opting out.

A professional tracing agent, on the other hand, has access to credit agency data sets, which consist of the latest information and connections to current addresses. This data allows the agent to verify the sourced address, ensuring its reliability.

Selecting a tracing agent requires care, as inexperienced agents might rely on a single data set and lack expertise in people tracing. This increases the chances of providing incorrect information about the individual you’re trying to locate. The key lies in choosing an experienced agent who employs multiple data sets to confirm source data indications from credit agencies like Equifax.

For additional information and free resources on locating people in England, please refer to our blog on People Finder UK.


Steps to Find Someone’s Address

When tracing someone in the UK, it’s crucial to ensure you’ve found the right person at the current address. Experienced tracing agents, such as, are typically able to locate individuals within 24 hours at a reasonable fee, often offering a no find, no fee basis for their services.

For efficient tracing, it’s helpful to provide the following information:

Full name, including any middle names Last known address Known old addresses Date of birth Disconnected mobile or landline numbers Partners’ names Suspected location

These expert trace agents employ multiple data sources, including credit reference agency data, commercial trace software, and public domain data sets. The advantage now is that data feeds are live, reducing the time lag in tracing someone.

To summarise, we recommend employing an expert tracing agent such as and providing the necessary information as listed above. With these prerequisites, you can expect a high success rate in finding someone in the UK within 7 days of instruction – Start a search


Utilize Search Engines to Locate Someone

Using search engines should be your first step when attempting to find someone. Google, for instance, offers various approaches. Start with a simple name search and narrow it down by adding probable living or working locations.

Your search might lead to multiple social media profiles. Check these profiles to see if they belong to the person you’re looking for. Social media platforms facilitate easy connections. You can also use Google to search for images or conduct a reverse image search. Setting up alerts for the person’s name will notify you if new information surfaces.

During these searches, make sure to use quotation marks around the name to refine the results. This practice separates relevant information from unrelated content, making your search more efficient – Start a search


Discovering Someone through Public Records

The Power of Public Records

Public records serve as a vital resource for locating individuals, particularly for those searching for possible relatives. These records contain historical and genealogical data that stretch back generations, and accessing them online is usually straightforward and convenient.


Visiting Local Record Offices

In certain cases, visiting your local records offices might be a more efficient and convenient option. The location of these records in your area may vary – they could be housed at the local library or specific record-keeping offices within your town or city. A little research will guide you to the right location.


Exploring and Understanding Public Records

Once you gain access to the public records, you can start your search. Patience is key, as the wealth of information may seem overwhelming at first. But rest assured, with persistence, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

If there are uncertainties about the person’s status—whether they are alive or not—checking local obituaries and death notices could provide the answer. These are usually published in local newspapers and offer crucial insights.



Tracing Someone through Phone Number Searches

Leveraging Phone Numbers

Phone numbers can be immensely helpful when tracking someone down, especially when you already possess the person’s number. Even old, presumably inactive numbers can provide valuable leads.

Reverse phone number searches on platforms like Google can yield names, addresses, business affiliations, and employment information. Enhancing the search with any additional information you have can further refine the results.


Searching without a Phone Number

If you don’t have a phone number but need one, start with the information you possess. Include the person’s name in quotation marks and add other known details. Even if you can’t locate their personal phone number, you might uncover a relative’s number or their workplace’s contact.

Consider consulting the Phone Book, an old but still viable resource. There are also various online directories that can be useful in tracking down specific phone numbers or addresses.


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Expertise in Professional People Tracing Services

When to Turn to a Professional

If you’re struggling to find someone’s address despite using various methods, it may be time to engage the services of a professional people tracing agent. These specialists are equipped to locate individuals for diverse reasons, whether it’s landlords searching for tenants, debtors that need to be located, beneficiaries of an inheritance, or old friends trying to reconnect – Start a search


The Advantage of Professional Expertise

Professional person tracing services leverage an array of strategies and use their specialized knowledge and tracing expertise to achieve superior outcomes than those usually obtained through individual efforts. Find UK People, with a commendable success rate in people tracing, could provide you with the guidance needed to tackle this challenge – Start a search


Our Process: Simple and Efficient

The process to engage our services is straightforward. You simply fill out a 2-minute order form on our website. With our ‘no trace, no fee’ policy, you won’t have to pay anything if we don’t find a trace. Once your order is placed, you can expect your trace within 24 hours. We utilize live tracing database technology, which has proven its worth by helping numerous clients locate the people they’ve been seeking – Start a search


Unmatched Success Rates

Thanks to our batch tracing service and advanced database technology, we boast a success rate of 98%, finding most individuals within 24 hours. Our service’s efficiency and speed are largely due to our dedicated team of tracing agents and our cutting-edge technological approach. If you’re seeking someone, you likely lack these resources, but rest assured, we’re equipped to help clients like you – Start a search


Our Methods: Proven and Effective

You may be curious about the specific methods we employ for people tracing. These strategies, honed over years and executed by unrivaled experts in the field, have consistently yielded successful outcomes. When you choose us, you can be confident in our methods and enjoy peace of mind. Plus, in the unlikely event that no traces are found, your payment will be fully refunded – Start a search




Uncover the Power of People Tracing

State-of-the-Art Database Technology

At Find UK People, we heavily invest in our live people tracing database technology. This sophisticated tool is designed to locate an individual’s current address in the UK accurately and efficiently. Factors like address links and credit activity details play a critical role in simplifying the process of finding the person you’re searching for.


Guaranteed Accuracy

We place a strong emphasis on the veracity of the information we provide. Our process includes rigorous verification from multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of the data. We guarantee that the address we provide for the person you’re seeking is correct. If there are any doubts, we are more than willing to re-evaluate the information, though such instances are infrequent.


High Success Rates

Our commendable success rates testify to the effectiveness of our people tracing services. We consistently refine our system and technology to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our services, resulting in a striking 96% success rate. With such a record, we are confident that we can assist you in your quest.


Affordable and Trustworthy Services

Our people tracing services are designed to be easily accessible and cost-effective. We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy services, backed by our proven track record, and ensuring value for money. If we are unable to deliver the results you were anticipating, you won’t be charged for the services. Plus, even when you do pay, our prices remain reasonable and affordable.


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Use any known details and locate anyones current address – this service works Worldwide on a no find no fee basis!

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Discover Our People Tracing Services

Comprehensive People Tracing Solutions

At Find UK People, we provide an array of services to help our clients locate individuals by finding their addresses. Among our extensive offerings, one of the most crucial services is family tracing, a tool for reuniting separated family members. The importance of reconnecting with estranged family members can’t be overstated, and our services have enabled numerous individuals to achieve this reunion – Start a search


Business Support: Debtor Tracing

Moreover, we specialize in tracing debtors for creditors who have outstanding receivables. This service is crucial for various businesses, including companies striving to reconnect with their customers. Boasting a 98% success rate in such tracing endeavors, we have consistently proven our effectiveness.

We also extend our services to tenant tracing, international tracing, and more – Start a search


Proven Methodologies: Telephone and Mobile Tracing

Our strategies to locate individuals are diverse and meticulously honed. We have invested significant time perfecting our telephone and mobile number tracing approaches, which have proven highly effective. As experts in this field, we can locate 85% of mobile phone owners we target within a week of the instruction.


Employer Tracing: A Growing Focus

One of the innovative ways we locate a person is by tracing their current employer. Leveraging employer tracing database technology, we have achieved a 70% success rate. We locate employment information in our public domain databases, subsequently verifying and validating the obtained data.


Don’t Lose Hope, Find UK People is Here

Locating someone you’ve lost touch with can be daunting, but there’s no reason to lose hope or feel despondent. There are methodologies and resources available to assist you, and if you’re struggling to progress independently, Find UK People is here to help.

We have helped numerous individuals locate those they’ve lost contact with, and our expert team is eager to assist you. Utilize our online shop to order our tracing service and provide us with the requisite details. We’re waiting to make a difference in your search.



Concluding Thoughts

Trusting Professionals for Address Locating

In the United Kingdom, locating someone’s address should ideally be handled by professional people tracing agents. These experts specialise in finding and locating individuals, streamlining the process with their expertise.

Avoiding Temptation for Cheaper Options

While numerous cheaper alternatives may seem tempting, it is advisable not to cut corners. Lower-cost versions might not yield the desired results and could potentially lead to complications.

Value of Expert People Finders

The small fee charged by expert people finders is well worth it. Considering the complexity of the task and the precision required, it is best left to the specialist people tracking experts. Their specialist knowledge and expertise ensure the highest probability of a successful outcome


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Use any known details and locate anyones current address – this service works Worldwide on a no find no fee basis!

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* Article, Find someones’s address, first published in 2018/19 and updated with in-depth additional content in May 2023

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