How To Find Someone’s Legal Address

How to Find Someones Legal Address

This article will outline how to find someones legal address in the UK and why that is important during the legal process. It will also outline the best way to obtain a Legal Address to enable litigation or debt recovery action.


Why do you Need a Legal Address?

Litigation is the legal process of taking someone to court for a civil or criminal dispute. The judge accepts evidence from both parties and then offers a judgment.

There are many things that may require litigation proceedings  for example;


  • Inheritance claims
  • Commercial disputes
  • Personal injury claims
  • Negligence claims
  • Tenant and landlord disagreements
  • Debt recovery
  • Family law cases
  • Divorce cases


With such a wide array of possible reasons for litigation procedure it is not surprising that someone requiring litigation procedure may not have all the details of the person that they are taking to court.

The first step in litigation procedure is for the claimant to submit forms containing the details of both parties and the value of the claim. Once the claim has been submitted the claimant must serve the papers to the defendant within four months.

The serving of papers is done via post or personal delivery to the address of the defendant. This is a crucial part of the litigation process and so even at the beginning stages of the procedure it is important to have the address of the defendant to be able to serve papers to them. Not all addresses are easily or publicly available and at this stage services such as ours provide invaluable assistance so you can begin your litigation process with all the information you need.



What is an LBA?

There are lots of legal terms that it is helpful to be aware of when beginning litigation proceedings. The term LBA stands for ‘letter before action’ and in legal terms it refers to the last letter that is sent before adjudication proceedings can begin. It usually offers 7 days in which for the accused to pay their debt or settle the issue at hand.

An LBA must be served before court or else the case will be declared void. In order for an LBA to be served it is important that you have the correct legal address for the person or company that you are serving. An LBA should explain the case in full, the damages claimed, the value of the damages, any interest that should be added and also give a timescale of when the LBA needs to be replied to. This can be up to 14 days.

The LBA may also explain the possible impact of ignoring it and any further action that will be taken and consequences that can arise from this. It is therefore really important that the correct legal address is used when sending an LBA, to both allow the respondent to reply and warn them of possible upcoming action. If you do not know the legal address, then we can help you as we offer a fast reliable address finding service.

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How do Solicitors use a Legal Address?

There are many reasons why solicitors might require a confirmed and verified legal address. Legal addresses can be used to confirm a person’s identity, both yours and any other party involved in the process that the solicitor is dealing with. Legal addresses link people to things such as their council tax bills or their business rates tax and this helps confirm the identity of those in question.

As mentioned above a solicitor will use a legal address in order to send correspondence such as LBAs and any other legal notices that need to be shared with the other party. Having a ‘paper trail’ of letters sent to a legal address helps ensure that those involved are fully aware of all proceedings and any decisions being made.

As papers for court or adjudication action need to be served via post or in person it is vital that your solicitor has the legal address of those being served so that they receive the notice in a way that complies with the law and therefore makes the process legal.

Conveyancing is another process whereby solicitors need to have the legal addresses of those involved in the buying or selling or personal or commercial property. Confirming the identity of buyers and sellers is crucial in proving that the transactions are not fraudulent, and it is a necessity for this to be proven.

Overall solicitors need the legal addresses of those they are assisting in order to confirm identities and to ensure that all paperwork complies with legal practices. We can help you find the legal address in order to help you and your solicitor progress.



How can we Help Find a Legal Address?

If you need an address finding prior to litigation or debt recovery action, then we can help you. Our trained people tracing agents are able to find detailed information on a business or person, usually within 24 hours.

We use a reliable set of methods to ensure that we return accurate and fast results. We consult a range of sources, both those in the public domain and those that aren’t such as credit reference information and other information provided to us from different data sources.

We can use a variety of starting points when looking for an address, such as a name, date of birth or previous location and we can even work with cases where there is less information or less specific information. We can trace people within 7 days and have a 98% success rate. Once traced you will receive the information for the contact including their current legal address.

The services we offer are varied and are quoted by need but we offer a no trace no fee promise so if we are unable to help you then you will not pay a thing. This is to prove how dedicated we are to our role and how reliable our methods are.

Our finding people UK service is fully compliant,  we verify the address to ensure that the information we are giving you is completely accurate.

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