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This article will discuss different tips that really help you trace someones address in the UK. Finding someone’s address or to Trace Someone’s Address can be a tough task, especially when you want to be 100% certain that the address you get is current and accurate.

Unfortunately, many people pay for premium Electoral Roll based address data (supplied by many UK instant people search services available online) thinking that they are guaranteed a result when in reality, all you are doing is wasting your money on out of date information in most cases.

To highlight this, as the Electoral roll is optional to display ones address information, many peoples addresses on these public facing online systems are extensively out of date and in some instances up to 10 years out of date. Any person can and do opt out of the open Electoral Roll register in the UK. This is the version of the register that’s available to anyone who wants to buy a copy i.e the commercial option that powers all online Electoral roll searches in the UK.

So the data you can see on these instant online people search services is many years out of date, showing address information for the person you are searching for from many years ago, when they did not opt out.

Whereas tracing agents such as Find UK People have access to far more powerful address data systems such as Credit Agency information. This is not optional and has no opt out option for members of the general public. Credit agency information is updated daily by multiple data footprints rather than the electoral roll which is updated annually and with the opt out option. With this in mind, the more credible choice when tracing peoples address in the UK is the Tracing Agents online service from Find UK People.

People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk



Why Are Addresses So Difficult To Find

If you’ve been address hunting and have been unable to find the person you want then you are not alone. There are many reasons why finding an address is difficult, but the main reason is when people move house. In the UK, more people are moving home than ever before and this makes it easy to lose touch with someone when they head off somewhere new.

In addition, people have privacy rights and being able to access everyone’s address with ease can impinge on those rights and leave the supplier in hot water! Access to information about someone’s address is rightfully protected by UK law and if the person hasn’t published it themselves, then you will find that there is a brick wall between you and the information you seek. This doesn’t mean it is impossible and there are ways to find the address you need with a little bit of work. Take a look below to find out more about the reasons for needing an address and the best ways to get results.



The Reasons You May Need to Trace Someones address

There are many reasons for needing an address and millions of people look for this type of information every year, meaning that you are not alone in your search! Some of the most popular reasons for address searching include:

  • Needing to find a debtor so that you can take action against them.
  • Looking for the beneficiary of a trust or will.
  • Wanting to find someone from your past.
  • Finding a family that you didn’t know you had.
  • To obtain an address for a process server to serve legal documents
  • Locating a property or landowner that has disappeared.
  • And many more!

Whatever your reason for needing to find someone, an address search is typically the most successful way of achieving your goal and getting the outcome you are looking for.



Top Tips for a Successful Search

Before you start searching for the address you need, you will need to note down all the information you have on the person you want to find. Having their full name, date of birth and telephone number will support your search but also knowing who they may live with and any old addresses will help to hone in on potential results.

Once you have collated all the information you have, your next step is to start using some of the tools that are available to you, including:

  • Search Engines – the internet is a powerful place with lots of great information that you can access. Enter your search terms and see if the person you need comes up as a result. Social media accounts may also be delivered in the results, giving you access to their current information if they are active on the sites.
  • Public Records – there are a number of genealogy websites and public record offices that you can use to verify the information of the person you are looking for. Check that they are still alive using the Births, Marriages & Deaths service and then see what other information you can glean from their records in order to help you look for them more successfully.
  • Call Around – it may sound like a basic idea but trying old phone numbers is a great way to see if you can connect to someone you are looking for. You can also use old phone numbers for reverse searches online so type in the number you’ve got and see if it returns anything of interest.
  • Check Business Information – if the person you are looking for owns their own business or may have done in the past then checking out public business records may give you the results you want. Business owners, directors and others with a business interest may have registered with Companies House, giving you access to their current or old address.


How Can I Get the Address Verified

Once you have an address that you think may be the right one then you will need to get it verified to give you total confidence. There are a number of ways to verify the address, including:

  • Sending a signed for letter – doing this will provide you with the name and signature of the receiver, allowing you to assess whether the resident is the person you are looking for or a relative/friend/housemate of that person.
  • Visiting the property – if it is safe for you to attend the property then you can verify the address by knocking on the door. However, if you may be at risk then you can also use a paid agent to attend on your behalf.
  • Sending a professional – if you are searching for someone so that you can provide them with important documents or legal papers then paying a process server will take the pressure off and give you the verification you need.


Try a Professional Tracer

If you are keen to find someone and none of the tools you have tried has returned a verified address then it may be time to turn to a professional tracing service. A people tracing service can access a wide range of data, including credit reference data which allows them to find a current address at speed, normally just 24 hours.

At FindUKPeople, we can usually find an address within 24 hours and will refund you your tracing fee if we have not resolved your query within a week. We work with a range of clients who want addresses for different purposes and we understand the need to find the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Take a look at the packages we offer and get access to the address you need today!


People tracing and location service to locate anyones current address in the uk

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