One of the biggest problems with debt tracing… are a specialist debtor tracing agency and indeed we specialise in tracing services and tracing services only. We do not bolt on other services and we try to innovate in the tracing market to bring solutions to a stale and unregulated market.
One of the biggest problems that has recently come to light is the "denied at door status" for debt recovery cases. Let me explain, where a debtor is traced by a tracing agent to a current address and the judgment and enforcement uses that supplied address, by the time the enforcement agent arrives there have been numerous notifications and letters to pre warn the debtor. As such some debtors being for warned initiate a deceptive tactic of denying at the door that the subject is resident, for example.
Producing false or fake ID documentsUsing a partner to deny the subject lives at the addressUsing a friend or flatmate to deny the status
With the recent bad press where enforcement agents have pressed third parties and in light of recent legislation enforcement agents are wary, and rightly so, of pressing a third party and tend to return the case for rechecking. But in 99% of cases the recheck transpires to be the correct subject at the correct and current address and the subject has been denied at the door. have a new innovative solution where we will supply with a current address the current pictures for the subject and the subjects known partner which can be passed to an enforcement agent or bailiff to help avoid the denied at door status.
As the old saying goes a picture paints a thousand words.

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