5 Things You Need to Find a Debtor

Find a debtor

Find a debtor

A short blog on how to find a debtor and what information is useful in finding a debtor in the U.K. On many occasions a debtor will move house without informing a creditor which can delay the ability to claim the outstanding debt as you do not have the current address of the debtor to write a letter or to start any litigation as a current address is required for this.

Findukpeople has compiled a short list of the five things that will help you to locate your debtor when you use a debtor tracing agent. There are some key information points which will help the tracing agent in the location of the debtors address.

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1. Full name

Might seem obvious but the full name including any middle name is very important, the correct spelling of the name and the full name including a middle name can really make a big difference in the location of a debtor.


2. Date of birth

A date of birth with a full name can normally locate most people in the UK as normally there will only be one match when filtering name against the date of birth.


3. Old addresses

The old address will allow a tracing agent to use credit agency data which will pick up the name match at the old address and be able to trace each address null the present day ensuring the named person is indeed the same person you are looking for.


4. Old phone numbers

Phone numbers even if they are disconnected allow for a new data point to be explored to trace a debtor as the number will of ben registered to an old address allowing to pick up old addresses that are not known and sometimes this can be enough to locate someone just on this data alone.


5. Partners names

Partners names are partially important for tracing of debtors as many debtors once in debt will move and then place all bills and post in the partners name to evade the tracing agent or debt recovery firms being able to locate them. Hence having a partners name allows for the tracing agent to evaluate where the partner is and also to see when the name matched debtor is traced whether the partner is co habitant with them.


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