5 Important Things to Find a Person UK

Find a person UK

Do you need to find a person UK? There are many occasions in life where we need to find a person in the UK and there are many techniques that one can employ to trace and locate a missing person in the UK. Whether it be tracing a debtor or finding a long lost family member there are tracing services that can locate a person to a current address in less than 24 hours. All you need is either a full name and previous address or a full name and a date of birth, although sometimes a tracing agency can locate people with even less information than this.


Reasons you may wish to find a person UK


Tracing a debtor

Tracing a debtor
Tracing debtors is a common reason to instruct a tracing agent to locate a current address as the debtor will be trying to evade repayment while the creditor requires a current address to proceed with any proceedings or enforcement against them.

Tracing long lost family

Tracing long lost family
Tracing long lost family is another issue that arises where families loose touch for various reasons and then after time wish to reconnect to one another. Sometimes this can be many years later where information is scarce and can be more difficult to locate where a professional people tracing agent will become necessary.

Tracing long lost friends

trace old friends
Tracing long lost friends happens on many occasions where a client wishes to locate an old friend from their past sometimes this can be only a few years ago or sometimes it can be a friend from over 50 years ago. It is important on these cases to remember as much information as possible especially data points such as full names, date of births, family members names etc etc

Tracing beneficiaries

trace beneficiaries
Tracing a beneficiary of a will is required during probate if the address named on the will is an old address and the subject needs to be informed of the probate and the potential beneficiary details that they have an interest in. We act for executors of wills as well as solicitors and legal representatives.

Tracing old customers

trace an old customer
Many companies need to reconnect with old customers and clients. Sometimes it is to repatriate monies held on account other times it is to inform of important legal changes. The address held by a company becomes old and either letters are returned gone away or there is no response and best practise is to then instruct a trace agent to update and verify the address held by the company so that every effort is made to contact the historic client.

Freeholder Tracing

tracing a freeholder
Tracing a freeholder is required when there is an absentee freeholder and the leaseholder needs to locate the freeholder for freehold purchase or other issues including building maintenance. This tracing service usually will require the assistance of a specialist freeholder tracing agency.

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