Private Investigator

Private investigator

Private investigators

A private investigator covers many services which Find UK People® offers in most cases. I am going to list some of the services Find UK People® can provide as a private investigation firm.
Find UK People® appointed private investigators that have many years of Policing and Government Agency working experience.
This includes all areas of investigation in Serious and Organised Crime, Covert and field Operations, and the development of Intelligence at International, National, and County levels utilizing open-source intelligence and more covert compliant intelligence techniques.


People Tracing Investigation

Find UK People® offers people tracing as the main service and we are specialist people tracers.
Our specialist private investigators are experts at locating and tracing people in the UK and use advanced people tracing technology.


Financial Investigations

Find UK People®  financial investigators are amongst the most respected financial investigators in the UK and offer a fast and reliable way to establish a snapshot of a UK subject’s financial standing.
This will include major assets owned by the subject and any adverse information such as CCJ or Bankruptcy data.

Employer status investigation

Find UK People® have a team of investigation agents who can track and verify a current employment status of a subject in the UK on a no trace no fee basis.
These details are normally used to establish current employer data to enable an attachment of earnings orders against a debtor.

Process service

Find UK People® has a reliable UK-wide process server panel of agents allowing for immediate local service of documents throughout the UK.
Our agents are experts at the service of legal documents and always serve documents correctly and the first time round. Use the compliant process service team to reliably serve your documents throughout the UK.


Fraud investigations

Find UK People® utilizes a specialist fraud investigation team that specializes in medium to high-value fraud cases. Their team is made up of senior ex-police staff and the field team utilizes ex-military personnel.
No matter what the fraud investigation requirement the team has a high resolve rate.



Private investigator

Find UK People® utilize the leading private investigators in the business, with long-standing experience in the sector and typically senior staffing utilised we lead the private investigation sector.
Whatever the requirement we are always available 24-7 to discuss a case with you.


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