Why use a trace agent?

Why use a tracing agent

Why use a tracing agent

One might ask why would you use a trace agent when there is a multitude of data sources freely available on the Internet such as

  • Electoral roll
  • Automated trace services
  • Telephone directory searches

Well in one word these sources will not work for most cases as they are out of date and not updated in a regular fashion. For example the electoral roll data can be over 1 year out of date and this will not work for tracing people as it will be showing old address data as current.

Automated trace services which are available on the internet normally just pull on electoral roll data and do not normally use any further data sets and as outlined above this brings in accurate data into any attempted trace.

Telephone directory databases used to offer a good trace solution but now days in an age where most people are either Ex-Directory listed or just use a un listed mobile phone they equally will not work.

The most important take away is that a professional trace agent such as Findukpeople will use not only professional tracing systems & Credit reference data – where permitted but also bring a vast experience level in the form of our experienced tracing agents. We lead the UK tracing market returning results in just 24 hours and with an average success level of 98%.


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