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Locate an ex partner for child maintenance
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Locate an Ex-Partner for Child Maintenance Tracing

Ensure reliable child support arrangements by locating your ex-partner through Find UK People®'s expert child maintenance tracing service. With our high success rate and efficient methodology, we provide a rapid and compliant means to reconnect with ex-partners for child maintenance purposes.

Key Features:

  1. Extensive Tracing Capabilities: Our experienced investigators utilize electronic and private investigation techniques, leveraging our powerful datasets and specialized resources to trace ex-partners across the UK. We focus on delivering verified and confirmed data, ensuring accuracy in our findings.
  2. Expert Investigator-Led Search: Our dedicated team of investigators, led by experts in the field, conducts meticulous investigations to locate ex-partners for child maintenance purposes. We employ proven tactics and strategies to overcome common avoidance measures employed by some ex-partners.
  3. Accessible Online System: Our user-friendly online tracing system provides easy access to initiate and monitor the tracing process. With a streamlined interface, you can efficiently navigate through the process.
  4. No Trace, No Fee: Our commitment to results is reflected in our no trace, no fee policy for child maintenance tracing services. You only pay for successful outcomes, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

How it Works:

Simply provide us with the necessary details, and our expert child support tracing investigators will utilize our comprehensive databases and tracing techniques to locate your ex-partner. With access to specialist data sources and a 7-day turnaround time on average, we have a proven track record of successfully locating ex-partners for child maintenance purposes.


Findukpeople offers investigative services based on research time and not guaranteed outcomes. While we strive to provide comprehensive and reliable reports, the content may vary due to individual circumstances and data availability.

Please note that our services are compliant with UK data protection regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your search. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service.

We recommend consulting legal professionals for advice on child maintenance matters and interpreting the reports. By utilizing our services, you acknowledge and agree to our terms of service and the aforementioned disclaimer.

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