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Pension Member Trace

Key Features:

  • Accurate location of pension members' current address
  • Leverages advanced electronic and private investigation methods
  • Exploits our most comprehensive datasets
  • Expert investigator-led inquiry
  • Verified and confirmed data
  • Exclusive focus on the UK
  • Operates on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis


Our service, Find UK People®, offers a swift, efficient, and compliant solution for tracing pension members across the nation. Our user-friendly online platform facilitates this process.

We specialize in locating pension members in the UK, typically achieving successful traces within just 7 days, thanks to our extensive data access.

Although our service may require up to 30 working days to complete, results are typically emailed within 7 working days. However, intricate or elusive cases may necessitate a longer period, extending up to 30 working days.


We utilize all accessible data sources, reporting on our findings. Our pension member tracing services consistently operate on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis. Prices listed exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service.

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