Residents at a property

Discover who's lived at a property
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Discover Residents at a Property

Key Features:

  • Identifies current occupants at a specific property
  • Incorporates electronic and private investigative techniques
  • Utilizes our most comprehensive data sets
  • Conducted by expert investigators
  • Ensures verified and confirmed data
  • Services available across the UK
  • Operates on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis
  • Delivers results within 30 working days


Find UK People® provides a prompt, efficient, and compliant solution to discern all residents at any given UK property. Accessible online, our platform presents a user-friendly interface for convenience.

We conduct thorough research on the current occupants at an address, and on request, can provide both current residents and a ten-year occupancy history.

While we typically provide results within 7 working days, please note that more complex or elusive cases may extend the delivery timeframe to 45 working days.


We undertake comprehensive searches across all available data sources and report on our findings. Our people tracing services consistently operate on a "No Trace, No Fee" basis. Please be aware that all prices listed exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service.

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