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Pre-litigation in-depth

Asset & liability information
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In-depth pre-litigation search

Used in complex cases where detailed information is key to the recovery of outstanding sums. Assess subject's behaviours and overall risk and exposures include detailed profiling information.

Uses a mixture of

  • Expert investigators
  • Open source operatives
  • Data sourcing experts

Search and investigation data will search & source*

Of subjects and/or subjects partner

  • Advanced address trace - current confirmation*
  • Date of birth confirmation*
  • Confirms current address*
  • Tracks recent subject address movement
  • Confirms financial status*
  • Detailed financial background information*
  • Current & Past directorships*
  • Employment Information*
  • Property ownership*
  • Holiday home purchases*
  • Lifestyle purchases*
  • Investments*
  • Luxury items*
  • Holidays homes*
  • Estimated property value*
  • Disqualified directors search*
  • Insolvency register searches*
  • Suspected alias used*
  • Social media searches*
  • Social post searches*
  • Discovery of social data via Big Data searches
  • Credit background*
  • Mobile or tel numbers*
  • CCJ search*
  • Company financials*
  • Fee per case
  • Results in 14 days guaranteed

Service includes terror and sanctions list searches

  • HM Treasury Sanctions Regimes
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Sanctions List
  • Bureau of International Security & Non-Proliferation
  • Bank of England Sanctions List
  • United Nations Security Council Resolutions
  • EU Restrictive Measures
  • Politically Exposed Person Sanctions List
  • FSA Prohibited Persons Search

How it works

Find UK People® have significantly invested in our live tracing database technology, which is finding 96% of people we are instructed on in the UK within 24 hours of instruction, this further complements our team of expert tracing agents.

Cutting-edge technology and vast accumulated data enable us to confidently link individuals to people, places and business/financial information. The Find UK People in-depth financial background report is used by creditors or people who have been exposed to fraud to determine the next steps in regards to litigation and enforcement. It will identify key financial information on a subject to allow selection of the correct method of enforcement based on key intelligence, where available.

This is an in-depth investigation that takes 14 days to complete and is our most comprehensive background into a subject's affairs. The service will include a lifestyle report, where available from open-source intelligence, which can be very useful in financial claims where you will need to demonstrate an uplift in lifestyle.

* Where available, Our investigation partners search all the data sources we have available and report on our findings but cannot guarantee the provision of all Financial Background report features. All financial background reports are limited to 3 property ownership searches for England & Wales, if you need further extensive searches we recommend the pre-sue report which will offer up to 9 property ownership searches. Subject to our standard terms of service, all financial background reports are fee per case and are charged to investigate each matter. Inquiries are undertaken via telephone, professional & public access databases, Public domain information sources, Credit Reference Agency datasets, discreet investigations, and all inquiries comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. All prices exclude VAT and the information supplied is dependant on being available from our datasets.

*Subject to terms of service - all background & pre-litigation reports are supplied in best of faith but we do not guarantee that the report is a true reflection of a subjects actual full status or complete ownership of assets. We only provide sourced asset information and supporting data from our investigations see terms of service for full details.

*** IMPORTANT - for the avoidance of doubt, Find UK People® cannot supply bank account details in any way, including any numbers, sort codes, or amounts in a bank account. We also cannot access National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources. This is so we comply with data protection legislation in the UK and no trace agency will be able to provide this without breaching these UK data protection regulations unless there is granted access such as for parking enforcement. The subject that you are searching for will never be made aware by us that we are searching on your behalf, complying with the data protection act.

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