Debt collection tracing

Tracing for debt collection differs somewhat from other people tracing processes as the individual one is trying to locate would normally prefer not to be found and in some instances will even take evasive measures to attempt to not be found. This is where an expert trace agent is required, a trace agent who knows that one must use a multi-source trace data environment to layer the data trace points and be able to verify the discovered new address is current and correct not a red herring thrown out by a CRA or other source.
The CSA recommends that 2 independant data points are used to verify a trace but this is very general and to be honest a trace agent will know that some sources are better than others. Of course if money is no object in the obtaining of a correct address for the subject the natural next step once an address is electronically traced is to send an agent out to the door to verify it. There really is no other alternative that is as accurate as verifying trace information as sending a good agent to the door. That said has a very low recheck rate as our information is always verified by accurate confirmation sources and we would prefer to no trace results than provide flimsy results that just result in lots of rechecks and frustration.
With over 10,000 organisations in the UK who offer tracing services there are a mixed bag when it comes to results in the tracing industry. There are many trace agents who just use one data source and do not concentrate just on tracing but many other services and we find that this is where a lot of errors can occur, the expertise level is not high, the source data is not extensive enough as cost is an issue and the recheck level runs high with these low level service providers. only provide tracing services and have extensive experience in tracing people with a multi-source data environment which gives our customers tracing success in just 24 hours not the industry standard 30 days, for a industry leading pricing level. also provide a highly accurate service which means you will get the right results first time round.
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