How to find and trace people…

How to trace people

How to trace people

Tracing people in an ideal world one will have a full name and a previous address which will result in a positive result most times as the trace agent will be able to look at the links moving from property to property up to the present day.

Tracing becomes more tricky if no previous address is known but it is not impossible. It all depends on the other key information points, for example if you know the full name and date of birth, the tracing agent can search for matches based on this information and sometimes this results in one match, in the alternative the more information points the more accurate the result will be as it layers key information points, and the more matches the more likely the results are true and accurate.

Most long lost family and friend tracing normally falls into the limited information tracing category as there is normally no previous address that can be remembered and it is a name and area and perhaps a date of birth. This makes the case more difficult but by no means impossible to trace. have helped many people in the UK reconnect to long lost family or friends based on very limited tracing information sometimes. One can see this in our testimonials.

Obviously the more information provided to us the more likely the trace will be positive but it is always worth instructing us as we always trace people on a no trace no fee basis.

Learn how we trace people in the video below

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