Tracing a long lost relative or family member….

Family Tracing

Families loose touch with one and another for many reasons and there may come a time when they want to reconnect. The birth of a child or a death of a loved one can prompt many who have lost touch to want to reconnect.

A professional family tracing agent such a can help to locate and trace the family member in just 24 hours and always on a no trace no fee basis.

Tracing family members

Useful information to have when tracing a family members

  • A full name including any middle name of the family member you are tracing
  • A date of birth of the family member, this is very useful information to have when tracing people
  • Any last known address details
  • Any other relatives details such as father and mothers names
  • Any contact points even if not working such as telephone numbers and or emails etc.

One unexpected consequence of tracing family members may be that the subject is deceased and this is a possible eventuality that you may need to be prepared for. will always screen against deceased datasets and sometimes a match may be the result.

Long lost family tracing
Once has concluded the family trace service they will send you a full detailed report including the family members current address and any other contact details such as a contact phone number if it is available. They conclude the majority of investigations within just 24 hours and normally it results in a successful trace of the family member.

If you are tracing a family member for any court matter our report can be submitted to the court to show that you have utilised a professional tracing agent to attempt to locate the missing family member. Many of our clients being solicitors it is a normal protocol to utilise an expert tracing agent to demonstrate to the court all possible attempts have been made to locate and trace the family member.

Tracking long lost family
If you have a case you would like to talk further in regards to please do not hesitate to contact our expert family tracing team on 01273 252539 or further information can be found on our website at

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