How to Find People in the UK

Find People in the UK


Find People in the UK Tips

Do you need to find people in the UK ? To find people in the UK there is certain information that will assist your search and indeed help any people tracing agent in the search for that person.

We have listed here 5 important information points to help in the finding of the  location of a person and to make sure the person found matches the correct person you are looking for.

This is very important as there can be various name matches across a country but when the data is matched against different data points it will narrow the search criteria and normally down to one match which should be the correct subject.


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1. Name

Might seem obvious but this can make a real difference if there are middle names. Also names of known associates or a partner can assist in being able to locate a “John Smith” who resides with another named individual.


2. Date of birth

This will always narrow a named subject match to only a handful and normally one match when one layers the name with a date of birth.


3. Last Known address

This will help a trace agent to gain address links moving forward to the present day from data sets that are available for a particular case. For example a debt case can utilise credit agency information and will show address links from the historic address moving forward to the present day address for the subject.


4. Telephone numbers

Telephone number always help in an address tracing case as they can provide links to further information, so even if the number is old or disconnected it can link to information that is not held on the subject and can sometimes reveal new data to enable a positive address trace of a missing person.

5. Other tracing data points

Other tracing data points will always help a trace agency to locate a person such as

a. Business details
b. Website addresses held by the subject
c. Email addresses
d. Partners names
e. Family and friends details.



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