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How to Find Someone’s Address

Do you want to know hw to find someone’s address? To find peoples address in the U.K. or across the globe can be a difficult task if you do not have access to the right data to obtain a current address. In the U.K. registered tracing agents have access to Credit Reference agency datasets which make the task of obtaining someones current address far easier.

This is because credit agency data allows for recency markers which indicate when a person was last residing at a given address. For instance a recent credit application or bill payment at an address shows a indication that the subject is resident at the address at a given time and normally these are very accurate as they are over the last few weeks.

This is why it is wise to choose a registered tracing agency such as Find UK People® to locate a person current address as the people finder agents will be able to access accurate and up to date data from Credit agencies and other reliable sources which will locate and confirm a current residential address.


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How to Find Someone's Address



In this blog we will run through some of the things which help a tracing agency obtain a current address and how you can locate helpful information to locate the persons current address with ease. We also summarise some of the free sources to find peoples addresses in the UK and the pitfalls some of these data sources have.

We also run through how to verify an address is current and up to date once you obtain an address.


Choose the right Tracing agents

Choosing the right people tracing agency is paramount as these are the people who will conduct the people trace and obtain the current address for the person that you are looking for, make sure of the following when selecting an agency

  1. Make sure they are registered with the Information Commissionaires Office, if they are in the UK
  2. Make sure they have indemnity insurance
  3. Make sure they have numerous, verifiable reviews on a site such as TrustPilot
  4. Make sure that you can pay by Credit card or Paypal to have a third party guarantee of a payment
  5. Make sure they operate a no trace no fee policy
  6. Make sure they have secure data systems and their website is up to date with SSL protection (padlock in top URL)
  7. Make sure they have a clear GDPR policy and its displayed on their website
  8. Choose an agency that specialises in just tracing people, a specialist will be better than a jack of all trades
  9. Make sure they can complete you trace in a timely manner ie 7 days
  10. Make sure they have no hidden charges, better to pay a fixed fee and that it is

It is very important that you select the right tracing agent as there are considerations outside of will they trace the correct address such as how will they locate the person I am looking for? What data sources will they use and are they GDPR compliant? Will the agency store and delete the tracing data in a compliant manner?

There are many issues around selecting the best people tracing agent as there are many one man bands in the UK and it is estimated that there are over 10,000 private investigators and tracing agents in the UK. Consider this along with the fact there is no licensing requirements and hence anyone can setup as a specialist who actually has no training or specialisation in tracing people.

If you need a compliant tracing agent that ticks all of the requirements above then there is one choice we recommend which is Find UK People®



Information – How to Find Someone’s Address

Here is a list of the ten information points that help to locate someone in the UK to a current address

  1. Full name of the person that you are looking for
  2. Date of birth of the person you are seeking
  3. Any and all old addresses of the missing person
  4. Any old telephone numbers even if they are now disconnected
  5. Any old social media profiles
  6. Partners names and old addresses
  7. Any old or current pictures as there is now technology for facial matching
  8. Workplaces with name of employer
  9. Relatives names
  10. Any relatives addresses



How to Find Someone’s Address for free

There are many open sources to conduct address tracing (to find peoples address) on but there is one issue which is the recency of the data. As an example the electoral roll data that services such as utilise can be very out of date. One can look at the supplied address for someone and it is not uncommon for the address to be 5 years out of date on a service such as this.

This tends to be a common theme on free or low cost access tracing platforms for people finding, they can be used for people that have not moved in a long time but for an accurate people tracing solution it is just not data that is accurate for confident people tracing.

We list some of the free sources for people finding but please approach these with caution

  2. Facebook
  3. Linkedin
  4. Electoral roll data
  5. BT phone book
  6. Companies house

Accurate people tracing to find peoples current address can now be completed for £39 plus vat on a no trace no fee basis with Find UK People® and the service takes just 24 hours to complete. At this pricing it is so much easier to pay the small amount to accurately trace someone than take the risk with inferior people finder services.



How to verify a supplied address

There are several ways to verify a supplied address, tracing agents will use a variety of data sources and layer these data points to provide an accurate people trace and normally this results in a very accurate supplied current address. Once this has been supplied you will need to verify the address is current and the correct person you are looking for lives at the supplied address, you can complete this with he following steps

  1. Use a process server to deliver documents and verify the person lives at the supplied address
  2. Use a recorded delivery service with signed for receipt – less expensive but not as robust
  3. Attend the property and verify yourself – only recommend in non contentious cases
  4. Send a letter and await a response

We would always recommend the use of a professional process server in most cases as it will verify the person lives at the address by physical attendance and the affidavit they can swear to that can be used in evidence in any court proceedings. Anything less than this runs risk and is not the right course of action in most circumstances, of course every case is individual and you will be the best person to know what is warranted. If you need to find peoples address in the UK the preferred choice is Find UK People®


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