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Facebook Search People

Do you need some Facebook search people tips? When it comes to searching for people, the first thing that you should look to do is some research. People research, though, is a lot harder to do than personal or product research. There are always reviews and articles out there about products, but individual people get far less coverage unless they are celebrities or otherwise famous. Therefore, undergoing people’s research on your own can be a tough thing to do.

Thankfully, the advent of social media and the introduction of platforms such as Facebook can really amplify your search efforts.

Facebook is one of the most powerful people research tools out there apart from hiring a professional people tracer. If you are looking for a means of researching a person without being invasive or excessive in your privacy invasion, you need to know where to start. We recommend that you take the time that is needed to look into someone through social media before you try and escalate things further.

Usually, this allows you to get things done quietly and discreetly, allowing you to build up information before either taking it further or satisfying your curiosity with relative ease.


Starting Your Facebook Search for People

One of the first hurdles you need to overcome is being able to use the rather awkward and ungainly search function to get the show on the road. Most of the time, the search box can be quite confusing as it tries to automatically complete information and offers you (rather unhelpful) suggestions on what to look out for. Don’t let this annoy you too much; it’s just trying to be helpful while failing.

So, if you are searching for someone not part of your friend’s list, you’ll likely need to type out the full name and avoid any of the autocomplete suggestions that are given to you. When you type in the full name, hit Enter and let the process begin.

Keep in mind that Facebook will look to provide the names of friends, and then friends of friends, in a bid to help you find people you are looking. While this is not so useful when carrying out people’s research, it’s worth your time going along with this and seeing if the person you are looking for is already connected to someone you know.

If not, start your search by typing in their full name, and hitting Enter.


Expanding the Facebook Search for People

When you type the name of the person that you want to deal with, then you will see the full name appear in the search box. Hit See More, and it can bring you more options to see who else might be available under that name. This is useful if the person happens to have a rather plain name, making it easier for you to get up all of the people who might potentially fit that name.

Next, be sure to use the excellent solutions on the wide-right of the screen. These allow you to filter the search by a lot of things, from the gender of the person to their employer and the city that they are based in.

This can be very useful for making sure that you can broaden the search angle and make it much more likely that you can find the person that you are looking for. Regardless of your choice, you would do well to try and filter as much as you can; of course, if the person has changed employers or cities then this might not be too worthwhile for you.

Just look to use the filters provided as you can. The fields on the right-hand side make it much easier for you to drill deeper and maybe find someone who is going to match your search. Take the time that you need to mess around with this, and see if you can get some information to appear that wasn’t beforehand.

It might be useful to keep expanding your search further, though, if the filters are making it too tight. There’s always the chance they have you blocked, or are on Private, so locating the person might not be quite as simple as it may appear at first.


Location, Location

If you happen to find the person on Facebook, and you convince them to add you, it’s now much easier to find them in person. If you are looking for someone who owes you money or is in debt to you otherwise, this tool can be used to rather a good effect. However, we must stress that it’s a moral grey area and an invasion of privacy; your best bet to find someone without such immoral acts is to investigate them with the help of a tracing agency.

However, if you must know where the person is and you can get them to add you on Facebook, you can use the Facebook Messenger tool to find them. All you need to do is invest in the Marauder’s Map – read more about it here on Tripwire – and you can then use the geolocations posted on Facebook to know where someone is at any given time.

You can find out just about anything you need from this invasive software; where they live; where they work; where they hang out. We personally don’t recommend that you use this at all, due to the immorality of using such software, but if desperation settles in it might be all that you have.

The best way to find someone for sure, though, isn’t through Facebook. By all means, use Facebook to hunt the person down and do some basic people research, but don’t use it to stalk people or to trace them too hard.

Instead, hire a tracing agency. They can take a much more thorough and moralistic approach to this service and make sure that you are much closer to getting accurate, honest information. This avoids you having to do anything underhand to find the person that you are looking for, friend or otherwise.

Making yourself as clear as possible about what you want to find matters. If you want to find someone and ensure you get the right person, ensure you go about this in the right manner.

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