How to find someone’s address – 98% Success

How to find someone's address

How to find someone’s address

Do you want to know how to find someone’s address? You need to trace someone in the UK there are some important factors to consider to make sure that the person you are looking for is located and is the correct person at the current address.

When you are tracing someone in the UK it is advisable to use an expert tracing agent, such as, who can locate people normally in 24 hours for a modest fee and most tracing agents will offer a no find no fee basis for tracing someone in the UK.

When tracing someone it is important to supply the following information to help a trace agent locate the person


  • Full name including any middle names
  • A last known address
  • Any other old addresses that may be known
  • A date of birth
  • Mobile or landline number even if disconnected
  • Partners names
  • Suspected location


When an expert trace agent such as are instructed to trace someone in the UK they will utilise several different datasets including Credit reference agency data, commercial trace software and other public domain data sets.

Systems in the UK now are live data feeds not historic data sets which mean that the time lag to trace someone does not exist so much now. In days gone by tracing people In the UK one would have to wait at least a few weeks if not months for people to start to show up at the new address via tracing sources whereas now with a live data environment the resource is a live feed and will show normally a few days from when the subject has moved house.

So in summary to trace someone in the UK we recommend you use a expert tracing agent such as and keep in mind the information requirement as listed above. With these conditions being met we would expert a 96% success rate for finding someone in the UK in just 24 hours from time of trace instruction.


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